Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cardiff v West Ham (Playoff Semi-Final 1st Leg)


  1. Well there's the easy way, the hard way, and
    bu**er me, euphoria in the home stands again!!
    We can't screw this up, can we!!

    Then off to the bright lights and..
    What's your SP, MR P?

  2. No 'nees up until the fat man grins. But so far so good! Bit ropey in the second half from what I hear.

  3. Falling asleep at the wheel in the 2nd half - I am shocked and amazed!
    After all this it would be a shame to be doing it again the year after because we can't stay the pace.
    Still, onward and upward.

  4. As Smitty would put it "Will the Real Hammers show up ?" If they do, the faithful can book their Away-Days" to Wembley. Surely there's enough quality in the team to realise Monday night is one we cannot lose ? Didn't Alf get the elbow from Blackpool (who beat Brum 1-0 at home) for chucking away a 2 goal first leg lead and losing 3-0 at home ? He's not going to want to go through that twice, is he ? If we can get the first goal, I reckon Cardiff will cave in.

  5. Not sure about the elbow, but I'm fairly certain if they drop one here the elbow won't be all they get.
    IF they get out of Green St.

  6. I'm pretty certain Smitty, it will be "the drop" for Tupper if we don't make the final. In fact I think only a return to The Promised Land will ensure him another season on Green St.

  7. As I tried to point out in my delicate way, if they throw away a 2 goal advantage at home, none of them will make it off the block.
    The faithful will be miffed.