Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fare The Well Robert Green


  1. I'm not going to post every time a player gets his P45 from Upton Park, but certain "former Hammers" do deserve special mention. Robert Green is, for sure, one of those. He always had a go between the posts and saved us from certain defeat on a few occasions. For me it's a shame that he could not agree financial terms with the powers that be and I understand that being in the Autumn of his career, he needs to think about the old savings account. Being a free agent, I;m sure he'll land himself a tidy signing on bonus. Except for when he plays us I wish him all the best.

  2. Robin of Loxley...So that's where the ICF went when they went into hiding.
    yup no grudges here on him being able to Friar Tuck some purses of gold sovereigns away for his old age.

  3. Robin of Loxley, any relation of, or to Bagels & Loxley ?