Monday, April 7, 2014

West Ham v. Liverpool


  1. Tomkins -OK
    Adrian - Never.
    Andy - Tsk Tsk

    Neither side actually scored
    I could've lived with 1-0 but a draw would have been fair, not that fair has owt to do with owt.
    Played our balls off and had em running for a while so a top showing by the boys.

    I hope we keep Armero, I like him and sure to be thrills and spills with him under the big top
    I'm glad we kept Jussi, I like Adrian but I have a feeling somewhere soon he's going to lose the plot and drop us right in it.

  2. Other than the second penalty - no complaints from me Smitty. We played some football and kept the best forward line in the land from scoring. We were much much better than I had expected and I hope Alf Tupper took note of more than the final score.

  3. Yup, very positive really, shame couldn't hold on. No complaints (well, I did at the time) about the penalties.
    So Mr P. I think I get the clown Ref, but the poppies? Anniversary of the start of WW1? Hillsborough? Bobby Moore? The good old days?

  4. A field of red really Filthy, a subtle inference that in the second half we did not play on a neutral green pitch. At half time Number One son said that the referee (Barnum & Bailey trained I'm sure) would be "chasing" the game and he was right. Not sure if they're Poppies, but they aint Roses and thats it for red flowers from me ! Now that the petals have settled, I'm glad it was 2-1 rather than the kosher 1-0, at least the Faithfull got a well earned happy half time.

  5. I'm sure Alf takes note of nothing he doesn't want to.
    Just let's hope next year ( I'm fairly sure he'll still be here) he lets them play like that
    rather than the dreck we've been watching.
    It can be done.

  6. Be nice to play football again on a regular, or even semi-regular basis wouldn't it Smitty ?
    I was relieved to see that the [layers hadn't forgotten how to do it, but now I think about it - they're bound to watch TV aren't they ! Armero's certainly off to a good start, he likes to go forward and he's got some speed as for Adrian I don't see any pointers to a major meltdown and provided Jussi can stay fit I have no problem with him as back-up.

  7. Yeah it would, but we'll see what happens when the fat man's sung.
    I'm sure he'll drop us in it at some point but he'll be excitin and that's what counts
    No real pointers, just a feeling in me bones, big toe, waters etc you know how that goes.
    I like Jussi so no prob there, saved our a**es a few times before the new boy.

  8. Just the thought of Sam Allardyce singing is enough to make the acker in me rosie curdle Smitty ! As for the repertoire - best no go anywhere near that !

  9. AC sure has a thing for hitting people in the face, but I think not letting in a goal from open play is something to be proud of. Good job Sam??

  10. If he could keep them playing like that - there'd be no complaints from me Don't Hurt 'Em. Good job all involved including Sam ! Come On You Irons !!

  11. Well The Gooners had to beat Wigan by penalty shoot out today, so I reckon that we have a better than usual chance of pulling off a win on Tuesday. If we can turn up as the same team that played Liverpool we could have all 3 points - but with our Jekyll and Hyde history who knows ? I'm humming "Wouldn't It Be Luverly"...