Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hull City v. West Ham


  1. Value for money- no doubt.
    Hope for the future - certainly is.
    Attackin & ennertainin - - and we all thought it was BS.

    What can be done with 1 window!!
    I have no idea who convinced this lot to come here and I don't care but looks like tickets for the Ironacoaster are worth the price this year.

    Should we have nicked it- yep, but a point in the frozen north none to shabby.
    Bit off a defensive blunder but good effort from Hernandez, but was I slumped into depression and expecting more, No, and that makes a change.
    Valencia - Wallllllllllop!! World class and one for the highlight reels.
    Diame, well, to be expected no surprise there. Felt bad for Cresswell but he's young and so far earned his wages. Again, did I have the razor out, no.
    Sarkho, justly deserved. He put in a shift.
    All in all a fair result.

    I don't think we're ready for the big boys yet and fully expect the Scousers to take 3 next week, but I also expect us to go down swinging and show some spirit.
    Hopefully the saints was a one time thing for no apparent reason.
    Wile E showed what bo**ocks this match fit nonsense is, 2 games & halfway round the world and he was still in there punchin up to the end. If you've got the heart you can do it.
    Song could be a monster, please Santa let him sign at the end of the year.
    Up front, Carroll better play like 30 million if he gets his place back.
    Nolan, if he walks back in I'd love to know the spin BFS puts on that.

    Looks like BFS will be here for the year ( shame) and I don't think he is the man to change his stripes but if we stay fit, or with the new depth only get a couple of knocks, we should be able to attract a better all round manager and be able to sit in front of the telly with pride for a few years

  2. Well I'm not arguing Smitty and must fess up that my early match call "this is starting to get scrappy" was way off the mark. Must also confess that when Mo scored his "It Was Written" goal that we were destined to come out empty - happily wrong again Pepper !
    "when you're smiling - when you're smiling ...."

  3. Well, that was fun (largely!) and what a strike by Valencia!! The roller coaster is very appropriate It looks like the season could be a lot of fun with lots of ups and downs and hopefully no-one throwing up down the back of your neck! At least the potential is there for each game to be be good, even if they're not. Bring it on!

  4. I watched the second half of the Scousers Champions League Match and they can be got around at the back - with our current crop of fresh talent a goal or two is not out of the question. I'm feeling like a point is well possible give me a couple of days and a few more Valencia goal replays and I'll be howling for all 3 !

  5. I'm with you, they ain't the force they thought they'd be, however....anything could happen, but it's good to be optimistic!

  6. Agree with the comments made a great game for a neutral but not good for a Hammers nerves. It was always going to be that Diame would score fortunately it wasn't the winner. Think it is going to be a great season and one long roller coaster ride. Going to the game on Saturday can't wait as long as we don't do a Southampton again.

  7. George, perhaps you'll send us another frontline despatch ? I'm expecting to watch it on the box,but you can't beat the word of someone thats still got the smell of powder in the nostrils ! I'm wondering if we might see Ginge back for this one ? We're going to have to be committed at the back.

  8. Guess here, but I think 3-2 to the scousers and we were in it the whole 90
    Last year I wouldn't have even dreamed that.

  9. Hull was never going to be and easy game but I don't think that Valencias screamer or the second scrappy goal can be credited to Sam. Hopefully we can nick a point against Man U or Liverpool which can always be suspect.

  10. Got my focus firmly on the scousers right now Don't Hurt 'Em, Smitty's got them down to win and I realise a win is a big ask. I suspect a lot is going to depend on Super Mario - will it be Bob Hoskins version or the Nintendo Superstar ?

  11. I hate to say it, but the game against Lpool is made for BFS default tactics, and i would not criticize him for employing them. Gotta have the numbers at the back, making a wall on the edge of the box, then quick breaks. Thank god carroll's still out.

  12. Sad to say filthy but you're probably right, but I don't think it's the way.
    Giant step back IMO
    We've got some speed, unpredictability and depth up front, Song is unseen as yet so they may take a while to deal with him, and Wile E should be solid, Nobes should have some room. Could even throw in a little Ravel.
    Let the back try and be big boys and take care of themselves
    Maybe they don't like it up em.
    Could end up 3-2 to us!!

  13. Can't see why it can't be a combo of strong at the back, but play it up when we get it and let the new talent rustle up what it can. They're not "long ball" forwards and anyway we're going to have to hang on to it so they're front line don't get too much time on the ball. If we score twice I won't complain whatever the result - well I'll try not to at least. Lets hope the crowd don't get all twitchy and go schtum.

  14. What a game UP was jumping, best atmosphere I've seen in years. You could almost feel it. The noise was incredible. Bang on Mr Smithy, they did not like it up 'em!
    Real passion, a blood and guts performance. Like the sort of games we had in the 70s and 80s. Or perhaps like the Coliseum, Christians being thrown to the lions and then kicking their arses.
    Can't fault any of the players, think Adrian was lucky not to get sent off, Jenkinson look a bit unsure of himself, but then he is only just getting fit and used to the team. Song, Sakho, Cresswell, Amalfitano all looked really good signings and Downing is playing like an England International again. Hats off to Sam, he got his tactics spot on, sorry guys I think he is in for the season. In fact if we beat the Mancs next week we might even hear choruses of "Big Fat Sams claret and blue army.

  15. Cheers George, as always your despatch is much appreciated. I'll refrain from commenting until I get the next Saitch up - working on something right now and hope to have it up sometime on Monday !