Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Burnley v. West Ham


  1. Well that was fun, enjoyed every minute.
    They gave us a game, and if it were us we'd be screaming that we deserved a point.
    TBH I think they did, but not to be. On that showing I hope they don't go down.

    The lofty heights eh. Very nice. I'm just wondering when the Big Boys are gonna start playing and knock us down a bit. I think we should be good for 8-10th though, and better next year.

    What about the Saints, even though we sucked big time that game makes you feel better knowing they're rolling over everyone else.

  2. Burnley reminded me of us last season Smitty, plenty of opportunity in the first half - none of it realised and then chasing the game once they went behind. Meanwhile, Sakho on a roll or what ? 6 games 6 goals - can't argue with that !

  3. Fair dos, we may have had opportunities but we didn't play like that, if we did you wouldn't have heard half as much bitching. They were running till the last minute and until we got the 3rd I wasn't comfortable, were you?
    Prolly summat to do with whatzisface I'm trying not to think about or blame everything on
    Yep Sackem Sako's the business alright. Just think Ol' Enner ain't far behind in talent
    and nearly always close.

    BTW usual yawn when Nobby comes on but if you're gonna change at that stage of the game wouldn't you think an all running all jumping Zorroate would have been more effective

  4. Don't think it's realistic to think Nobby will just vanish, and as a late sub, he's just the type to nick something. Must confess when Carlton got the third I felt we had 'em. As for your earlier comment about the Big Boys - we've got Citeh up next and if we don't sharpen up sooner at the back. that match will be over before we know it - theybare a force.

  5. Nah, not in my lifetime but does he have to be the all purpose now we have other options. It's getting more obvious by the game.
    Yeah I felt good for CC, nice to be able to stick the nut in with all that young class about.
    I had issues with him when he came back, but I'm converted. Class act.

    Citeh - no problem, we can take em. Maybe, perhaps, on a good day, with a trailing wind. Would be nice though wouldn't it. 1-0 with a Nobby Nicker at 85 mins? :D

  6. Good point about Southampton Mr Smitty. It's proving to be an enjoyable season so far. Have to be confident against the sheiks and take it to them. I was delighted with CC sticking his head into the danger zone, cute little flick of the heels as well to make it look more acrobatic!

  7. It really could have been a brace for Carlton Filthy, he had a header cleared off the line not that long before he scored. The Saints and West Ham half the top four - wonder what kind of odds Smitty would've got on that ?

  8. No idea but for a nickel I could probably have retired.

    Anyone a guess against Citeh?
    Probably we'll lose but we'll make a fight of it. I think Zorroate will get one they'll be all over Sackem
    They'll be pissed from playing to nobody and a tie in the frozen north, that could go either way.
    Anyone care to guess what time Nolan comes on?

  9. Had a butchers on Oddschecker Smitty, 11/2 for us to win, 7/2 for the draw and 11/20 for them to win. I'm thinking we won't see Nobby on until the final 15, but what's the word on Wile ?

  10. Wile E, last I heard a firm possibility of a definite maybe

  11. So in that case he might and he might not - well at least I won't be wondering !


    so now you know.
    So Wile E or Won't E?

  13. Be handy to have Tomka back, or at least on the bench too - they got some big lads at Citeh and they're a bit more of a physical team than they're given credit (discredit ?) for.