Thursday, September 24, 2015

Leicester City v. West Ham Utd (League AKA Carling Cup)


  1. Yep, some consolation. Not much though.

    Somebody at Leicester sold their soul to somebody, they have a charmed life, as of now can't lose.
    We were true to this seasons form. Worth a watch, nail bitin stuff. Last ditch defense waiting for the pens but......... not to be. Was he offside, I though so. No points for me thinking though.
    Not sure about the Moses penalty but Nobes was a deffo, well clattered. Doing a fine job as #1 but seems to on the wrong side of bad reffing lately.

    Shame , but are we throwing in the towel- No !!
    So it's just the FA & the League then.


  2. Got this as a stream via KUMB on Hammers TV, but due to real life drama was on the phone some of the match and not properly focused when watching. Despite my fondness for the Shankly quote some things are more important than football.
    Just didn't seem to be happening, Payet and Sakho were poorly missed and it just didn't seem to be coming together. Slick Vic seemed below par and most of our mob were guilty of sloppy passing at one point or another. Also Leicester are "on it" and it's no surprise they're still unbeaten.
    Are we appealing Noble's yellow for diving - definitely not the case and we've all seen peno's given for less. Like you Smitty I'm not convinced Moses was due one earlier and at the end of the day the better team on the night won. Can I live without winning the Laegue Cup ? Yes I can !

    1. AP, Hope the "real life drama" is water under the bridge!

    2. Although I'm not directly involved - it's not "under the bridge" but moving in the right direction - all positive vibrations very much appreciated !

  3. I don't think we're going to be a well oiled machine for a while, but we did enough at times. If we'd have got one of the penalties or held out till the penalties we could have done it, deservedly maybe not but that's the game

    I forgot about the diving yellow. Considering how often they're not given that wasn't even close to a nomination let alone an Oscar. He must be feeling very put upon.

    Never been a AC fan and too early to tell really but even if he stays fit and doesn't get used all game every game not sure how he fits in. Time will tell though.
    I'm glad to see Zarate get a run out and a goal. I think there's a player in there and we'll get our money's worth.

  4. The great thing is Smitty we now have a few options up front and although a club like ours is going to have extra players of Payet's current quality we do have other cards to play in midfield. I don't expect us to beat everyone and I don't expect big players not to have off days, but I am hoping for a couple more prize scalps this season. COME ON YOU IRONS !!!!