Friday, February 5, 2016

West Ham Utd v. Aston Villa


  1. Hey Mr P
    Coming thick and fast nowadays.
    Nice to see GGGGReat getting one.
    Great goal to break the wall.
    So it continues, top 6 team no problem, bottom 6 we're in trouble.I just hope we clatter Sunderland with the FF in charge, I'd hate to make hard work of that one.
    Not looking so good until the red and hard to break down after but we came out OK with a messy 3 pts.
    Crappy reffin again, seems to be the norm now, but at least it was more equal opportunity crappy reffin this time.
    Honorable mention to Nobes's shot and pass. Shot would have been contender for goal of the season if it went in, pass was top shelf, almost Payetesque at his best.

  2. I know Noble got Man of the match, but despite that top shelf pass I would have given it Ayew - definitely changed the run of the match that lad !

  3. You know Mr. P, I thought Frosted flakes was in need of a makeover. As for the game I wish there was no need card(As clear as it was) so there would be no asterisk next to those 3 points. West Ham was on a different level than Villa. Like watching Varsity show JV what spending hours a day in the weight room does to a team.

  4. They're called "Frosties" where we come from C&B - frosted flakes are drunk people thats spent the night sleeping outside in winter !
    In fairness Villa did have the upper hand before Ayew opted for an early shower, but after that Fa'gedaboutit. Just glad we broke them down when we did - there was a time when we'd still be knocking on the door ?

  5. Wanted to mention it was a surprise to me to see Tomka at the kick off. The TV commentator referred to him as looking "piratical" which I liked but had never heard before. Watched more than a few pirate flicks, a some of them more than once but never heard "piratanical" is it a word ? Anyone ?

  6. Piratical? Why not, it makes sense- good word I say! Used to love a good swashbuckler myself as a lad!
    What was Ayew thinking? It did change the game as I thought Villa were looking dangerous. I was very impressed with how the hammers just took their time and then overwhelmed them in the second half. Mature and effective. It's good!

  7. like the saitch Ap.

    'Piratanical Parlance' Ahoy me hearties..battened down the hatches at the start of the game and all hands ho!..blow me down when the Villa started giving it the old heave ho and run a shot across our bow but after the scallywag ayew scuttled his own ship and had to walk the plank(desrved to be hung from the yard arm)allowing west ham to weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen ho ho ho splice the mainbrace shiver me timbers 2-0 C.O.Y.I

  8. Yeah I was a bit concerned about this Pirate stuff, now if he had an eye patch that's one thing -but a hippie headband!?
    Now, if he had the parrot that's another thing entirely.
    I figured he'd play if he could though, must have hurt with the headers once in a while but he must be getting used to it now, that's twice this time round.
    I'm not sure " they took their time" Filthy, I think it was one of those bottom team we can't cut it scenarios. That said they did park the bus as we did of old with the Fat F**k and we got away with it, sometimes.

  9. Bravo Slippery Doo Dah - you certainly slung some pirate lingo together there - too much time at the Saturday Morning Pictures ! . Davey Jones Locker for Villa I reckon.
    As for a parrot Smitty, don't mention that in front of Alex Song or he'll be out there wearing one !

  10. Back to football - I have to agree with Filthy - we kept at it and got the job done. It ain't all Flash, Bang Wallop in the Top 4 or Champions League either - two nil against bottom club with ten men ? I'll take that with a smile !