Thursday, March 17, 2016

Manchester United v. West Ham United (FA Cup Quarter Final)


  1. The Scousers have put Man U out of the Europa, so I'm thinking that we should get a date for the replay sharpish .

  2. Wednesday April 6th looking favourite for the replay, Man U play on Sunday the 2nd so Tuesday 5th's unlikely.

  3. Haven't looked Mr P but if they're out of Europa they may well be up for it, but we'll do em at ours and another night under the lights for the faithful. What a season!!

    As to the event. I thought they had us for a bit. More of a fight than I figured. As usual we were never out of it though and a good game.
    Payet!! What a kick. Highlite reel of the decade stuff. Good as course of injections. Must have been heart attack stuff for the traveling faithful, honorable mention to them . Loud and clear on the box and bugger all from the Mancs.
    Could have been a pen on him but hard to tell and much as I'd like to blame the ref I can't. Not sure about him diving either. I really don't like to think he would, he doesn't need to but who knows.
    Much again as I'd like to think it was a foul when Randolph got clattered for theirs, I think he just made the most of getting bumped by G G Great IIRC. All in all a great watch and as said another night to do em at ours.
    Hate to say it but Tarzan looked halfway useful for a change but I'd still like to see him on a bus somewhere.
    It's just great to see we have players who can play out of position and still look like professionals, Wile E & GGGreat at the back - no problem.
    It's a great time to be a Hammer, and Nobes gonna lift the Cup in the last year at Upton.

    BTW, we'll do Chel$ki tomorrow, never a doubt, barely be a warm up.

  4. No such thing as an easy match at Old Trafford Smitty, their form at home recently has been very good. It's also no the place to look for the refereeing to go your way, kind of like looking for sympathy at a police station. Then there's the no small matter of seventy thousand punters on their side - I reckon that was a result !

  5. Wednesday April 6th 7PM GST (Green Street Time) replay confirmed.

  6. Well so much for the official West Ham website, the Man U replay is now on 13th April. Confirmed by the BBC so it must be true ! And yes the cheque is in the post !