Monday, September 26, 2011

West Ham v Peterborough


  1. Is that "POSH" from Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang? With a capital P.....
    An all time classic ( the film), unlike the game. Sounds like it was a bit tortured, which brings us back to the other Posh's singing voice.

  2. A hole in one Filthy - Lionel Jeffries in a low flying khazi (they just don't make 'em anymore). Once again for me it was a live streamed earball job, so I reckon us NYC Hammers' fans will be doing a lot more listening than looking this season. Sounded like an iffy penalty, but Noble can be relied upon from the spot. Still we should have racked up a few more, which shows that we still need a trigger man up the front. C'mon Alf Tupper - sort it out !