Sunday, March 11, 2012

West Ham v Doncaster


  1. Disappointing at all levels.
    'nuff said.
    I suppose it's floggin a dead 'un to say we should try for a season of away games and only field 10 men every time, right?

  2. Well it might be floggin a dead 'un Smitty, but if we make the jump it will be because of the away form, with much respect and thanks to our away support. Playing at Upton Park has become a problem - no doubt about it now ! We started like gangbusters against "Donny" - a goal disallowed in 10 seconds, Carlton then hits the crossbar and we're one up inside ten minutes. 25 minutes in the on fire Vez Ta pulls a hamstring and we surrender the entire match. ? What Gives ? Players out of position all over the shop and then with 15 minutes to go and we sub on a defender - sorry but I just can't see the logic there ? I said earlier in the season Allardyce will be Alf Tupper if we go up and Fat Sam if we don't., C'mon Tough Of The Track !!!

  3. More power to ya for all that typing, but I was too disappointed to do it.
    Persistent razzin of the boys at home-totally and completely unacceptable.
    With the tradition we have, you're either in or you're out- period!!
    As to the total collapse, we've seen it before and its a nut scratcher.
    You'd think there'd be enough carrot, we're certainly getting the stick!!

  4. It's not just the "razzin" Smitty, it's a real lack of atmosphere, almost a vacuum where player and fan disappear. The Twilight Zone on Green Street ? Like any general Mr Allardyce gets to call his battle plan and takes the glory or sufferation as a consequence. But right now, we're struggling where we should be strolling and its important that Sam doesn't create a disconnect between himself and the faithfull - so what's the word Sir ?

  5. Not at all sure what the word is Mr P, but I do know hat the 2 words are- Not Good!

  6. It's a shame when a point is looked upon as loss, but when your 2nd from Top playing the 2nd from Bottom side and the only reason you didn't lose is because Robert Green pulls another rabbit out of his hat, you can hardly expect a Stanley Unwin like response. we'll be Up North at the weekend, and although Elland Road is a bugger of a place to win at, I reckon we have a goog chance of leaving with 3 points. No small part of that to the Away Faithful, who for me are beyond compare - they talk the talk and walk the walk - imagine if we had 30,000 of them on Green Street ?