Saturday, March 24, 2012

West Ham v Middlesbrough


  1. Any chance of double figures anytime soon?
    and I mean 2.
    What's with these guys lately - one in, then all go home ?
    Shoddy, lackluster and not looking good if we do go up.
    I've always though booing was a no-no but I'm beginning to get tempted myself.

  2. Well I can't agree with the booing, I'm just too old school for that, but they're not earning their keep at the moment that's for sure. I'm also worried that if we end up in the playoffs we wont have anyone up front that can score. I'm getting twitchy Smitty !

  3. I don't agree with the booing but I'm beginning to understand the frustration in the stands.
    I think if they've got a "Big Finish " in them about now is when. A playoff is not what we need.
    Looking on the reality side, if we do go up and we don't get a quality boot up front it's not gonna be pretty.

  4. The If in "if we do go up" is getting bigger all the time. By my reckoning the front men have scored 5 goals in 16 games between them. Fair enough Alf Tupper said Nolan was a midfielder who can put them away and he's right. But if it wasn't for Nolan's poaching and Noble's penalties we wouldn't even be in a playoff position right now. Heave away you Hammers, heave away !