Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hillsborough Disaster (1989)


  1. From time to time, I will feel the need to comment on matters outside of the realm of West Ham United. I'm not exactly where this one fits as I believe it relates to all British football supporters and in some way to fans around the world. I know Filthy commented on it last night and I wanted to put something up before replying. For anyone reading this and unfamiliar with the 1989 Hillsborough Disaster, I would suggest they go to The Guardian web site's sports or BBC Sport's football page. A police cover up of what happened has finally been exposed !

  2. It affected Liverpool more than anyone, but, as you say, it could have been anyone and I think this finding of total injustice will pull football supporters together into a larger tribe than just the individual club tribe.
    I cannot stress enough how utterly disgusting and cowardly the police were in trying to cover up their mistakes and disdain by blaming the dead and dying fans for starting it. Pigs.
    I could go on for a very long time,,,,,Back to football tomorrow!

  3. There now needs to be a thorough investigation as to who exactly did what both during the Disaster and the Cover Up and NO WAY should the South Yorkshire Police be allowed to investigate themselves. I'd also like to applaud all those who have fought so long and hard to see this Cover Up finally exposed - Andy Carroll was just three and a half months old when it happened ! Onwards to Justice !!

  4. I'm thrilled that finally the families will get their day in the sun, and hopefully some closure and justice. God Bless em.
    Whether you're an Irons fan, a Liverpool fan or a Podunk Athletic fan
    it's time to stand up and keep the pressure on. If they wouldn't voluntarily stand up and mea culpa, someone should be lining up for their daily porridge over this and I don't mean some poor plod who was standing there not knowing what to do.

  5. It probably shouldn't be "someone" singular either Smitty, I can't see he how you can pull off a Cover Up of that scale without being mob handed and I fully agree were not talking about some clueless spotty young Rozzer in size 14 DM's !

  6. Oh, it should deffo be someones.
    Also Mrs T I'm sure had a hand in it and not withstanding all her other "achievements"
    she should also bear the brunt.
    Such callous disregard for innocent life to protect her boys from shame should be a testament to follow her name through history.
    Shame she's out of it, and doesn't know what's going on the thought of her lining up ( highly unlikely that would ever be)makes mine taste even better. I like the stuff.

  7. So this all happened on Mrs T's watch Smitty ? Well I never....

  8. Hard to believe!
    She seemed such a caring person
    when she stole our milk.
    For our own good, mind you.

  9. Free milk for small children - ye gods Smitty ! She saved us from that and from those dirty little men that used to go underground, dig for coal and then demand to be paid for it ! I could go on, but enough praise for one comment.

  10. I saw that someone was selling T shirts outside the TUC conference in Brighton with a thatcher tombstone and some lines about dancing on her grave. I do like the Declan ditty "tramp the dirt down"
    Stories today of different grounds around the country singing support , but that was overshadowed by some handjobs in Shepherd's bush.
    Hang'em High I say.......