Monday, September 24, 2012

West Ham v Sunderland


  1. Well put Mr P, that was a man's job that 2nd half.
    How many times can we knock on the door!!
    The Cats weren't giving owt away but we had enough chances to win a bingo jackpot.
    All in all, after all that it felt like a win.
    I think it's about time Alf let our 12 mil run up and down the left for a bit longer than half the game.
    I could have seen AC doing well with all those corners and crosses coming in, so when he's on 2 feet again I think we could well be in the game.
    If we could just do some finishing without him till then.
    Looked a little like last year, nobody to just get it over the doorstep.

  2. I really can't remember a harder won point Smitty, I lost me voice yelling at the box. As you say Jarvis looking very sharp indeed, but we need someone beside Nobby (who could have had a brace) to pull the trigger !

  3. I'm happy with the result. Less happy with one paper describing JJ as 'the uncomfortable looking JUssi Jas..."Don't need him to go to pieces.
    Who's up next?- time for 3 points.
    What's the story behind the new Andy pepper image?

  4. Wotcha Filthy, I do recall Jussi giving the ball straight to one of their players and since Norwich, there has been concern about his distribution in general, but lets not forget who he's replacing. As we all know Robert Green could make some fantastic saves, but he was also prone to the occasional "Ying Yang" moment. As for the Andy Pepper "icon" (technical term not mine), I thought i'd jazz me stall up a bit and give it a bit more personality - it's my old bookies bag. Thanks for noticing.

  5. ....bookies bag....hmmm. What are the odds on QPR on Monday? That one should be winnable. I'd "pepper" Mr Green's goal. i guess the league cup is largely irrelevant, but It's a shame to leave it so early.