Monday, January 21, 2013

West Ham v Queens Park Rangers


  1. Ahh- The Real Alf.
    When he's fed up of knockin on the door, not looking good.
    And were we knockin on the door!!
    All in all not bad but sloppy finishing as per our usual M.O. Gotta be driving Alf #2 bonkers.
    Still at least a point from this one.
    Not to mention QPRs new wunderkind earned his 5 bob for the day.

  2. " I hear you knockin' but you can't come in..." Chamakh..shamakh...he doesn't have the key. A good showing against arsenal is a must, but not easy. Find the right words Alf!

  3. Oh I'm sure we'll put up a good show. Enough of a good show, that's another story.

  4. Well we 're not going to get that many chances against The Gooners, who looked pretty good in the second half against Chelski. Our back four are going to have to stayed focused, especially if they want to play that off-side trap. Meanwhile upfront I guess it will be down to Carlton to play the heavy, Chamakh's a loan and I assume AC isn't "there" yet (probably down the boozer or MacD's - can't be in two places at once). Joe Cole looks like he's got a few miles left in him. maybe he can provide that little bit of French wotsit !