Friday, April 19, 2013

West Ham United v. Manchester United


  1. We wuz robbed!!
    Not saying they couldn't have put one in with all the pressure, but that was naughty.
    Jussi did some sterling stuff ( with a little back up at times!! Big Rah to Mr O'Neil)
    AC looking good up front (and nice tackle at the back once or twice) Vidic bit wussie, all that whining. Accident or no, if you got up- get on with it.
    No sign of Poltergeist.
    That's a couple of times we've nearly had em, and no push over when they did win.
    Looking good for next year if we can all keep healthy (and AC)
    All in all a good game, except for Mr Magoo in black.

  2. In full agreement with your every word Smitty and as for Mohammed Diame's goal - double sweet or what ? If The Temptations had played football, that's the kind of goal they would have scored !

  3. When I'm right, I'm right.
    Sometimes happens.
    You're right about Mo.

  4. Sam finishing strong I think he has gained himself another season I think we can get 9 points from these last 6 games

  5. Wot a luverlee goal!! and wot a load of pathetic whining from the massed Manure ranks!

  6. Hows It Going Don't Hurt 'Em ? "Sam finishing strong" is praise indeed from a hard man like yourself and your predicting 48 points. I like it ! By the way isn't it 5 games left ?

  7. A typical Charlie Endell move, Filthy - when asked about Van Persie being offside his only comment is to bitch about AC not being sent off. By the way hats off to the Human Cannonball who not only took out De Gea but one of their outfield players too, as Alf accurately commented "it's not easy to put the brakes on when you come flying in for a corner" ! COME ON YOU IRONS !!!

  8. "boring and tiresome " - maybe this was with oneself - so did'nt like to press for further comments!

  9. "boring and tiresome" Cherry Ann ? Are you referring to Charlie Endell (PKA Alexander Ferguson) ? Surely not the match ?