Friday, August 23, 2013

West Ham United V. Cardiff City


  1. Apologies to all & sundry for my delinquent maintenance of Saitch and if you've all buggered off to somewhere else, well that will serve me right ! In my defence I can only state that I returned from "The Smoke" last night and have since been "on the case".

  2. Welcome back Mr P. We're still here with baited keyboards, fully cognisant of the trials of Saitching on the road.
    I'm sure you were there yelling on behalf of loyal Saitchers everywhere.
    Nice 3 points to start with. Even though the newbies did put up a not bad show. Nicely done by JC too.
    Bonzo got his props and I'm sure again you were there with a shout on our behalf.

    We're 3rd now, so if we could just call off the rest of the season I'd settle for that

  3. Well, I didn't have my glasses on when I first clicked on my shortcut to "the Saitch" And my thoughts were obviously correct(if blurry). A Cardiff songstress( well I knew she was welsh) worth 3 points any day( for her singing ,of corse!)
    So, what a good performance and result! "Diames are forever"?

  4. I've got to hand it to yer Smitty - what a concept - a one match Season ! Would there be playoffs or a final, if two or more teams tied ? Or would you have that settled on a Shove Ha'penny Board ? It was grand indeed to see Billy Bonds not only in da house, but being treated as he deserves - Like a god ! As for the yelling, me throkus (copyright Professor Stanley Unwin) has still not completely recovered, after conking out completely in the Black Swan, Plaistow post op ! Chuck in the fact that the District Line wasn't running and even a fool can see it was a grand day out !

    1. To be fair I think one game each team, then the playoffs at
      Shove Ha'penny.5 pints each player at pre game warm up and palm check.
      No flat ats or grandads allowed.

      Then 20 weeks or so of no points, no cups, no Europe football.
      Just think- fun!! Radical concept or what!

      Dream over, bring on the 13/14 Ironacoaster!!

  5. Filthy, on the specs front - do you favour the black rimmed Hank Marvin's or go for something a little more high tech ? As for Shirley Bassey, I was hoping she might provoke Alf Tupper to whip out his claret and blue feather boa and sock it to the Two David's with a rousing rendition of "Big Spender" !

  6. Great pic...even greater result...this season is gonna be a great season..Diame played a blinder..Billy Bonds the epitome of that much too easily thrown around word ..LEGEND..(when NORMAN BITES YER BUM..)..(BILLY BITES YER BOLLOX)..."Deep deep joy"

    A.P. the Black Swan Plaistow..(Black Lion ..Plaistow) one and the same...?...Was a pub used by a certain highwayman named Dick Turpin ..yonks ago....also home to West Ham Boys Boxing Club

  7. You're on the money again, Slippery - it is indeed The Black Lion and a very nice little scene they have going there too.


    if you don't already know A.P. lovely old pics of different manors in newham above link is relevant to convo

    East end trolleys...great great 10 min film about the old trolleybuses serving the borough in around 1950...upton park green st is unrecognisable ..but stratford broadway exactly the same

  9. Much obliged Slippery, I will take a butchers.

  10. Top shelf site you've recommended there Slippery, with some lovely smudges of "The Republic of East London" . I got pulled in by The Victoria Cross section - 3 V>C>'s out of East Ham alone !

  11. proper heroes A.P[.......the only V.C coming from East Ham these days would be a Vegetable Curry..
    Next time Andy have a gander at the maps in particular.............. the original County Borough of West Ham Civil Defence map dated 1939-1945..showing the locations of every known.. bomb..incendiary device.. V.1 (Doodlebug) & V.2 rocket..parachute mine..parachute bomb.. oil bomb..phosphoros bomb etc that was dropped on the borough of west ham during ww2
    i downloaded all nine sections a couple of years ago and photoshopped them together (a massive map you can zoom right into)..came in handy to me in a funny old way (i think so anyway) because although i'd lived all me life in Stratford E.15 ..after a divorce 14 yrs ago resulting in a serious mental breakdown (went off me rocker ok now though) the council shipped me out to a flat in Custom House E.16 (bandit country) next to victoria dock and the excel centre ..the flat as me and me current Mrs found out had some strange goings on going on just after we moved in..items we had put say on the table ,would when we wanted them ,not be there ..after a little search for whatever wasnt there anynore would some how be there exactly where me or her had put it.orif we went to the karzey in the middle of the night (we are both nightowls) whichever one of us was in there would here music playing and people talking but could never quite make out what music was playing or what people were saying,come out of the toilet and it was dead silkent again ,,i thought for a second i saw a black and white cat laying on the living room floor all curled up and kipping, knowing it wasnt there because we have a staffordshire who would've gone banonkers if it was i mentioned nlater on tor mrs what i saw and she said she had seen the same cat laying there too..heard an old lady talking really quiet in the bedroom ,but again couldnt make out what was said,if me or her sat on bed,a few minutes later you.d feel the mattress move as if someone sat next to you,both saw a figure in the bedroom,had my shirt pulled from behind loads of times ,but was in the flat alone,seen figures in the living room,my son saw an old lady out the corner of his eye(we hadnt told him anything as he stayed here weekends and was young..(Nearly getting to the point A.P.) evening i saw out the corner of my eye a figure quickly go past me in the living room..he was wering a green jacket and green trousers (not off me rocker )i thought about it for a few days then then realised it looked like a khaki uniform soldiers used to wear..being so close to the docks (2 mins) the whole area got mullered during the second world war.looked online to see whatever about it and.thats how i found the civil defence map in the newham story page,,looked at me street on civil defence map and exactly where our flat is now ,a bomb fell on the same spot during ww2...cheers A.P

  12. You're a braver man than me Slippery !