Sunday, March 30, 2014

West Ham v. Hull City


  1. Ummm yeah. Keep taking the an alternative world. Any views on Allardyce getting booed at the final whistle. Seems to be much discussion in the press on Hammers fans being "ungrateful" for doing so. "winning ugly and survival" is most important.
    Sure it is vital not to go down but it is not a pre-requisite of survival to have no ambition beyond it.
    3 very welcome points.

  2. Yeah, I'll take the 3.
    We need help though, anyone got Wilco's phone #?

  3. Never booed at a West Ham match Filthy, don't think I ever would - not my style, it leaves no room to be selective. Do I think anyone that's paid to go has the right to express their opinion regarding the team ? Absolutely. I too welcome the points, but lets face it without a dodgy penalty and their comedy own goal, we'd have been lucky to come away with a point.

  4. I'm assuming you meant Wilko with a K Smitty (as in King Of Cancey Island), otherwise your going to end up with Billy Bragg's pals from Chicago ! Hard to imagine Stratford going for country rock in a big way, but they could probably stretch to cover a few Ronnie Lane numbers.

    1. OOOPs - Yep mea culpa.
      But at this rate we do need help from someone! Anyone!!
      I'm not even that confident this afternoon, we could easily take a beating.

  5. Sunderland are in the thick of the drop and have got to fancy their chances at home against us. I saw the end of their match against Liverpool the other day and they were knocking on the door - went down 2-1, which is a lot better than many can do against The Scousers right now.

  6. I'm not one to boo either (unless it's at politicians!) It isn't going to make anyone play better, but can help to produce longer term change I suppose, and Allardiccio can do with feeling less comfortable.
    a couple more wins and he'll be in clover. It was NOT a good performance.