Thursday, March 6, 2014

Everton v. West Ham


  1. Well we didn't kill the jinx but we looked ok for most of the time.
    Went to sleep for the goal though, dangerous striker just on with fresh legs strolls in to the area on his tod. Could have got a parking ticket waiting for someone to mark him.
    Oh well, could have been a lot worse.

    We won't go into the subbing, that would be nit picking wouldn't it!!

  2. We held our own for 80 minutes up there, which for us is good going. Carlton's early substitution was perhaps a bit hasty, but he had been shoved off the ball a couple of times and it might well be that bringing AC on kept us level through half-time. Still subbing AC on for Carlton that earl is not without its risks and I was worried in the last 15 minutes that AC wouldn't finish. He looked a bit banged up by the finish.

  3. I don't think CC was doing anything unusual for him, so I'm not sure what the hurry was.
    It's not like we were pushing and he did some AC style whiffs or skyrockets in the area. Half time I think would have been fine.

    It's more the Demel / Reid one. We were holding well, and I know there was concern about Demel's staying power during the week but he looked OK when he came off so he could have done another 10 mins IMO. I know it's good to get Winston back in but it's innerestin that a minute later while everyone was adjusting and saying Hey W nice to see you - Blammo!!

    But, that's why BFS is where he is and I'm just a kvetcher.

  4. For my money (chorus - "What Money ?") before he got injured Winston was the best player we had and there's no reason for me not to think he will be again. How long he will be a Hammer, is a different matter altogether. Still as we all know the other four at the back had a good run recently and it's only right he should have to earn his spot back.

  5. NO question W is a lad, and for how long is anyone's guess.
    He could probably start now, no prob, but as said the others are doing OK so why mess with it.
    BUT and big BUT - is a 10 minute trot around just for the sake of it doing anyone any good? Was Demel crackered?
    Bad luck that it may / may not have cost us the goal but was there a point to it anyway?

  6. I'm with you Mr Smitty, making changes-particularly in defence and in a tight game- worries the hell out of me. It takes time to get into the game and despite being given instructions on the touchline as the lino checks your studs, you don't really know who you're marking and how they move until you're in there. However if adefender is knackered and can't keep up with play that is equally dangerous, but I don't think that was the case this time. Still Everton are a good team so the result doesn't hurt too much.

  7. I know, it's not like we expected anything but a draw would have been huge to the boys ( and us)
    A loss like that just adds more specific maybe's ( to my already deffo) wtf is BFS up to.
    Can we have the next man waiting in the wings please. Someone who can do foottie from any and all centuries.

  8. Smitty. with First Division survival by more than the skin of our teeth a real possibility, I'm trying to acclimate myself to another season of Tupper.

  9. Looks likely, and I think if there are no injuries next season and so on
    we'll always be a bottom /middle club.
    If there are more injuries or other setbacks, same again.

    What you think, donnybrook & draw at Stoke?

  10. Except for the occasional day in the sun, and the odd season punching above our weight (Boys of '86 excepted) thats all we've ever been Smitty. That's the way we do it is so important. As for Potters, from the safe distance of a week, I'd say we could have all 3 points. We're due a smash and grab Up North - Come On YOu Irons !

  11. No shame in losing to Everton, we have had our fair share of lucky wins about time we take a deserved loss

  12. Can't argue with that Don't Hurt 'Em.