Sunday, August 24, 2014

Crystal Palace v. West Ham Utd


  1. Also Bye Bye in Attenborough. Chelsea fan he may have been but also the star of many of my favourite early movies of low life London.
    Anyway, that was good! And no Nolan! Maybe that;s the reason. I heard a new monicker for Alf today: "Hippo Head" Think I'll use from now on.
    3 goals, 3 points...all's well

  2. Was at the Palace and Spuds games. It is looking good, only issue certainly at the Spuds game was CC and Vaz Te as first choice strikers,afraid they are not Premiership class. Although they did put in good shifts on Saturday.
    The new signings look really good can't fault them. Valencia look really lively in his short spell on against the Spuds. Think AC will have real competition for a place when he is fit and that can only be good. Hopefully Zarate will become first choice above Nolan so for once an injury may bring about something positive.
    Think BFS is in for the long haul now but if we keep playing like this that is fine let's just get behind the boys. Rumours that Michael Richards is a target for 4million would be a good addition.
    Going to the Sheffield U game tomorrow, we were already chanting "there's only one Carlos Tevez" on Saturday, should be some good banter but also could be a banana skin waiting for us to slip on "fade and die" as the song goes? Let hope not!

  3. RIP Pinky. Not many more left from the golden days of our youth.

    Attackin, Entertainin, in fact FOOTIE!!
    Was pleasure to watch, we could even have lost and I would have been happy. Well not so happy.
    All they new guys look good, with a few more to come with huge potential.
    We're not ready for the big boys yet but even now we would at least go down swinging.
    Early days yet but things look better than I imagined they would.
    What was the atmosphere in the trenches George, everyone sounded great and well behind the lads. Worth the price of admission for sure.

    All the same questions though.
    Who signed them? Alf or the Smut Brothers? Did Teddy get his 2c in?
    Will we go back to business a usual, Nolan and AC automatically in when they're fit.
    Suicide if they do, but quite possible with Alf.
    I think Nolan should stay on as a squad filler since he's not worth anything in the bank
    and we should get as much as we can for AC now. Since we have moved ( I hope) to a potentially game winning new style where does he fit into it.

    Anyway , onward and upward and lets give Sheffield a hiding for a start to a decent cup run.


  4. I'll start backwards Smitty, I reckon everyone will be taking credit Alf, The Brady Bunch, Teddy Boy and the chef at Ken's Cafe to name but a few. Personally I'd put Nobby's injury top of the thank you list - is it true he might be out for six weeks ?

  5. Cheers for the despatch George - can't beat the word from the "tip of the bayonet" so to speak. I actually thought there were a couple of spells where Palace started get something cooking, which made Carlton's set piece fatal third sweeter still. I was a bit concerned about the three yellows at the back and think at the right price and not silly wages Micah Richards could be a handy addition, we didn't close out the final minutes as we should.

  6. Had no ideas Dickie Attenborough had checked out Filthy, still 88's not a bad innings and I'm assuming he got to enjoy himself along the way. "brighton Rock" remains my favourite read and my only complaint about Dickie's performance is that they didn't film it earlier than 1947. If anyone's really interested in the flick look out for a copy of Maire McQueeney's "The Brighton Rock PIcture Book" - picture packed and slender.

    Swapping razors for Hammers - talk about "fresh air" - I haven't felt this good about the team's potential in some time Filthy. But let's keep our boots on the pedal and bury Sheffield Utd as a declaration that Hippo Head is on the hunt for a trophy. Come On You Irons !!!

  7. I know everyone is, but I wonder who does?
    But we'll never know.
    But we're all walking around with silly grins so lets just be grateful.

    Yep, six weeks so they say. If he walks back in after that we're in trouble.
    Wonder how he did it? I wish him well with it, he's been good for us but I think his time may be over.

  8. In view of financial Fair Play and the monetary hardships that induces, I think they should send him to the local NHS clinic for repairs - be more than 6 weeks before they can see him - "Dodgy Shoulder ? Back of the queue mate !"

  9. Bye Bye Bogey...Play it again the Saitch A.P...Liking the palace game even more...even Match Of The Day pundits liked us on saturday...played football and wanted to win (not by hook or by crook)but a bit of team play...

    "Pretty bubbles in the air"

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  11. Slippery's joyous comments came up twice, so I deleted the second (an exact replica of the first). Really looking forward tomorrow and got my Carlos Tevez away shirt (in honour of the win at Man Utd) at the ready. Seems like Alf is aware of the significance of the match, so let's tear Sheffield apart - goals like rain is what I want !


    Daily Mail online put this up a couple of days ago .A.P...Sheffield have sent back a lot of their allocation for tonight..

    Tony Currie on the pitch would've brought em down tonight for the game

  13. Atmosphere as really good Smithy, very optimistic and good banter. Nolan is out for 6 weeks and like AP wish him we'll but a great opportunity for Zararte to establish himself. Looking forward to the game tonight will send a report from the trenches.

  14. Looking forward to that George and hoping it'll contain Goals Galore.

  15. It's a distance to come for what I hope is a tonking with an endless stream of abuse on the side Slippery. Viva Tevez !

  16. I'm afraid it was one of those games where you just knew it was going to happen. Loads of possession in the middle of the pitch lots of passing but mainly side to side and lacked any real cutting edge. When we I'd get through their keeper was brilliant. We came out in the second half as if we just wanted to protect our lead and keep the ball, then wallop own goal from Winston. After that they just got behind the ball but were a bit lively on the break. Valencia didn't have a great game, Morrison seemed to lack confidence. Poyet, Potts and Burke looked solid so good for the future. Good atmosphere no negative chants but by the end it was only the away fans giving us stick.

  17. The Sheffield Saitch is two thirds done on my kitchen table = I should gave it up sometime on Thursday -I'll keep schtum until then George.