Tuesday, August 19, 2014

West Ham United v. Tottenham Hotspur


  1. first comment of the Season...Ummm....Blew it! penalty miss! playing against 10 men, a new world class striker up front, err, scrub that one, should have been 4 in a row.
    He's like a kid in a Saree shop.
    Good to have Saitch back

  2. I thought we were much better than I had expected Filthy. I'm not going to have a go at Noble for that miss, sooner or later everyone misses one and it's been a good while since he has. Hopefully it will be as long before he misses another ! For me the disappointment was Ginge's cheap cards and Vaz's poor show up front.

  3. Morning Saitchers.
    So it all begins again.
    Just so we're clear here. Sam Out!!
    I agree we were better than expected and there is potential there, I just don't think he knows what to do with it.
    When we were on a level playing field ( with Nolan I always think we just have 10 men, despite the penalty and the back heel with were just lucky aberations) we still just mess around going nowhere. If it wasn't the first game and everyone was in a great mood, and we weren't losing, we could have had a repeat of Hull.
    Vaz was a surprise but I think he did ok considering he hasn't played for.....How long?
    Cole was OK but it's still the same old, without the 100% hoofing, which was a hopeful sign.
    His subs are still a complete mystery to me, and everyone else I assume.

    On the whole things look good despite Alf.
    Wile E Kouyate looked good, likewise Valencia. When they are fit we have enough firepower up front to have a varied and somewhat umpredictable attack.
    At the back we looked OK mostly, (I like Ginge but what were you thinking!!)
    Reid looked good ( anyone know where that's going? are we giving him his 75?), Cresswell could be a monster. I have hopes for Poyet if he gets used right.

    So onward and upward, we could do well despite Alf.
    We should do well at Palace, even though they seem to have become our bogie team

  4. I think Alf should record a version of "Me and My Shadow" Smitty, with Nobby on backing vocals - or as a duet - you get one you get "t'other". Come to think of it he could do a Max Byrgraves - "Sing A Long A Tupper" !

  5. So then we'd know what will be clogging the charity shops by Xmas

  6. As far as "Crazy Horse" Reid goes, I think we've offered him less than he asked for and it's been left there for now. I've not heard any whispers about serious enquiries and it's now common knowledge what kind of wage packet he's after. Obviously I hope he stays, but I wouldn't restructure the entire squads' pay just to keep him.

  7. Me neither, there was a piece about a sniff from the Gooners but that's about it.
    At least he's playing and seems to be doing alright so he's not being a total Prima Donna about it

  8. I hope the Ginger one was just a bit rusty, 'Cos he'll need a bit more subtlety or he'll be seeing a lot of yellow and red. I didn't like Alf's reaction to Noble's penalty miss. He's a bitter, self-serving bastard.

  9. Ginge is usually good for a couple of melt-downs a season Filthy, so hopefully that was one of them and all we have left is one horrendous back pass ,leading to them scoring of course. But which them ? That is the question ??

  10. The team looked great in my opinion, if this was last year it would have been one of the best performances of the season, a little passing and playing it out from the back makes a difference. Miles better than the first game of last season even though we lost. As per usual Vaz and old man Nolan weren't that effective but Wiley and Watercress looked very promising!

  11. Ahoy there Don't Hurt 'Em - been a while mate, I totally agree - what a difference a bit football makes and the two new boys you mention both seem up for playing it. With Palace still in managerial limbo, it's a got time to go south of the water and put him to the sword! Come On You Irons !!!

  12. yes, thank you Don't hurt'em...It's good to be taken away from the all encompassing anti- Alf groove. The many failings of the manager shouldn't mean the whole squad is tarred with the same brush. I've got no serious complaints really apart from the Manager and director level.

  13. If we play as well as we did against Spurs we shall win, no doubt about it and who knows we might even play better. Lets flick the Palace Bogey away !

  14. nice saitch A.P had to happen...three on the spin against them ...last minute win job..could've should've not enough fire power to've

    One redeemer...Kouyate...would've caught the Road-Runner every time if this was the ACME. premiership...gonna be a Good 'un'