Wednesday, March 11, 2015

West Ham v. Chelsea


  1. Taken a while to go up, but Alf and the team have been on holiday, so I thought I'd do the same. Now it's back to business....

  2. Had it been at Fulham, would've been the Cottage. Do they call themselves the "cottagers"? One of Tom of Finland's finest!
    Solid performance really. I thought Chelsea might score a few after a couple of slick moves early on, but no, nothing to be ashamed of. Could've scored as well! Time to get a win

  3. I think the original t-shirt was he one that first got Maclaren and Westwood nicked in August 1975 for "indecent exhibition" Filthy, Over the years we've put on a few of those ourselves, but not at this match - could have easily been a draw and although they shaded it, we never gave up. A different ref, might well of meant a different result - so it goes !

  4. Well we put up a fight but not to be. As with 90% of our games this year worth watching and there is always hope. Humongous change from last year. Deffo some dodgy decisions didn't help.

    Enner's out it seems so what's the line up for t'Gooners?
    Think we'll go shopping for a new front man?

    "News of Valencia's accident is reported to have come from the Ecuadorian Football Federation's logistics officer, Vinicio Luna. The FEF are expected to release a statement during the next few hours."

    Wouldn't it have been easier to call in sick to the office ?

  5. Turns out he's cut his big toe on a broken cup at home ! Just when you'd thought you'd heard it all ! Is Carlton still out too ?

  6. Read it and weep. This is where Alf shows his class, or not

    Carroll (inj), Cole (inj), Valencia (inj), Reid (inj), Jenkinson (ineligible), Zarate (loan), Maiga (loan)

    I think he'll go for the point and play 10 -0 -0

  7. Well I'd play you before I'd play Maiga Smitty, time for Downing to get his game on and I reckon Jarvis will start. I know you were up for Hai Zarate, but Alf wasn't having it. At least its The Gooners, who we might not get anything from even if we were full strength.

  8. And you'd be right, I, Smitty the Short, would be better at lumpitnnod than Maiga
    for the first five minutes, till it's time to have a fag anyway.
    This could well have been the time for Zorro, but as said not to be had.

    Be interesting to see what Mr Sophisto does here.
    Malfi's back so all may not be lost.

  9. A change in the law and they're could be some top shelf opportunities for sponsorship with a fag smoking forward Smitty. Woodbines emblazoned across the front of the shirt could look nice, although Alf would probably prefer Capstan Full Strength. John Cotton Cigarillos anyone ?

  10. Personally I think a packet of 5 Park Drive would look very tasteful on the front, Iron On of course.

  11. And when they go bust, whack a quick Old Holborn over that !

  12. Just read on KUMB that Tomka has dislocated his shoulder and is out for a while. i guess we'll get a confirmation or denial on Friday.If he has we're short on Centre Backs again - Kouyate to drop back ?

  13. Yep, Tomka out. We're short at the back, slim at the front, the mighty (or not) Song in the middle. We can't outplay em with the first eleven, but we can confused the buggers with a rabble. 3-0 to us!!!


  14. I"m actually looking forward to this more than I might otherwise Smitty. I'm already having visions of Napoleon Wenger - toys out the pram screaming like a baby.

  15. I just saw the Tomka news. Not good...backs against the wall, your optimism could be well placed or could be way off the mark. Should be fun!

  16. Optimism is free, and if you haven't got it it's a hard life supporting here.
    Admitted, it's hard if you have too!!

    The Ironacoaster really starts to roll on the run in.

  17. A Pessimist is a person who thinks things can't get any worse
    An Optimist person is a person who thinks they can !
    Up The Hammers !

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