Monday, March 2, 2015

West Ham Utd v. Crystal Palace


  1. Played like 10 men who'd never met before, embarrassing.
    Nice thuggery and quality diving from Palace gave them the game.
    The only bright spots were Nene looked good , have high hopes and I was pleased Tenner got a goal. I like him and lets hope he gets some confidence and lets rip like I know he can.
    10-11th place finish now looking likely, about right with all the oomph gone.
    BFS now 2/1 to go , lets hope they're right

  2. Haven't checked the stats Smitty, but other than Hull (how many Back) it's seems like a good while since we've has a Premiership win. On this form 10th or 11th will be pushing it. Song got it wrong again and I don't know if it's directly related but another no show from Downing too ? Will let Noble off the hook and though Winston did some good work, but 3 goals from set pieces ? All the defence got to take that rap !

  3. You're right Mr P.Last win was Hull on 18th Jan and before that Leicester on Dec 20th. worse than a donkey ride at Margate on a soggy sunday in September. Palace were bullies and that one that got sent off particularly, but I bet Pardew was licking him all over at the final whistle. Palace got what they wanted and fought for, looked like the Hammers did too.
    He's gone- about 75 more days to go

  4. Looks like Pardew's Bullies may have lost another man Filthy, Jedinak is up for "violent conduct" for the elbow on Sakho. He's on the carpet after a post match 3 man panel declared him out of order - it's a 4 match ban if guilty as he was sent off in November. Trial on Tuesday !

  5. Jackie Pallo would be so proud.
    About time they did a bit more of this, it's all on vid for everyone to see.
    They'll never extend it to diving though.

  6. Copped a "Guilty" and will accept the four match ban. What else is he going to do, they got HDTV footage ?

  7. So now they are 2 less against Stoke, who can win and go above us. And so it goes.

  8. Well Smitty, they were 2 less against Southampton earlier today and lost that - but they might have lost that anyway. We'd better pull a "West Ham" and beat the likely Champions Chel$ki - COME ON YOU IRONS !

  9. I saw the forearm smash last night, very nasty. CC telling a spuds fan on twitter to F off, good for him, but probably lose a couple of weeks wages over it.

  10. I think it was Mick McManus that was top man with the forearm smash Filthy ( I no longer own a copy of Simon Garfield's excellent book "The Wrestling" or i'd fact check) ? I'm hoping Sakho or one of the Centre Backs can "Johnny Kwango" a couple into the back of the Chel$ki net later today.
    As for Carlton swearing on twitter, fair cop, to be honest I'd like to see it toned down to the ref - You don't see it in Yankee sports for one simple reason it will get you chucked out of the game !

  11. Anyone fancy a Chel$ki prediction?
    Will we put up a fight?
    I think we'll go down but only 2-0 or something.

    Anyone know anything about a Song bust up after the Palace game?

  12. Well on paper Smitty, it has to be them, but as Jimmy Greaves once said " They don't play on paper, they play on grass" ! We'll nned some hard graft and Lady luck to get anything - COME ON YOU IRONS !

  13. So Winston signed. I always thought he would, better a star here than a bench at The Arse / Spuds
    Maybe they promised him that Sam was gone :)
    That's what you get for giving AC a gazillion for bugger all. Everyone wants some, but there's not much left.

  14. Crazy Horses (AKA Shogun) stays and I'm a Happy Hammer Smitty.
    I don't think The Gooners were actually going to come in for him and as Scot Parker could tell you there's no guarantees at Spuds.

  15. good saitch A.P

    Embarrassing...lack-lustred..un-performance...for the first time that i can think off i didnt even cheer when Enner scored..didnt think about it just nothing came out....
    the Palarse player who elbowed Sakho shouldve got banged away for a couple of months ..if it happened in the street or in the stands he wouldve
    Allardyce says the players are m entally and physically drained at the moment they are sunning themselves flintstones style in AbuDhabi (Doo)...freddy freemans
    Mentally and Physically strained...2 hrs a day training..pampered by grub..average wage £40,000 p/w mortgage free...are they taking the piss..why did the club have to advertise it...shouldve kept it a low one...people got the hump about this...shouldve sent a couple of coachloads of needy kids to disneyland for a bit of time instead of this...minges

  16. I'm guessing that Mr Tupper would say that you lack "the sophistication" to understand the strain the players have been under Slippery ? I'm certainly not "sophisticated" to understand with only two Premiership wins since Dec 18th he 9in his own humble opinion) is better than Wenger ?

  17. So ?
    We gonna give the Gooners a game?
    Predictions anyone?

    I think we'll go down 2-0 or 2-1
    Unless Nene gets more than 10 minutes, they've never seen him before and looks like he's a mover & shaker and ready to go so he could be in for a day. E's sofisticatid too!!

  18. I'll have to dig deep for some positive thoughts Smitty, I always feel Napoleon Wenger's got Tupper sussed ! The Chel$ki Saitch is just about to go up, so maybe transfer to that ?