Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Leicester City v. West Ham United


  1. Well we shoulda and we coulda but we didn't.
    Can't be assed to come up with the same old
    It's not totally BFS's fault in this case but he's got to take the fall for most of the tactics and the mystifying subbing & selection.
    Please hurry up and bugger off.

  2. Must confess that I quite enjoyed the match , if not the result Smitty and I can't say that was surprise - the bottom teams usually pull a few wins off this deep into it. The bottom four all won or drew and then QPR and Villa drew Tuesday. Meanwhile Pardew's got Palace shifting gears nicely and if we don't watch the rear view mirror they'll over take us !

  3. If I didn't care one way or t'other I would have enjoyed it.
    And there's really no excuse, we coulda and we shoulda

  4. Until they got their second, I was thinking we might nick it and even when they did, didn't think a point was out of the question. With that penalty save Adrian confirmed his spot for my Hammer of The Year !

  5. On the good / bad / indifferent news front.

    After returning to Chadwell Heath last week, Carroll is currently continuing his rehab with a Hammers physio in the warmer environment of Dubai, giving the striker the optimal conditions to work in as he increases the intensity of his work.

    Bless his cotton socks.

  6. Maybe we should do a runner on Stratford Smitty and move the whole Circus to Dubai !
    What's the odds Tiny would still be wearing that titfer !

  7. Prolly, till it burned his little brain out.
    Sam'd prolly be looking a little svelter too.

  8. Stoke

    That's as good as it's likely to get, assuming they remember how to play together
    Any idea why Nobby got benched?
    Still gonna go down by 1 I think

    13 Adrián
    18 Jenkinson
    19 Collins
    02 Reid
    03 Cresswell
    30 Song
    08 Kouyaté
    16 Noble
    11 Downing
    31 E Valencia
    15 Sakho

    04 Nolan
    07 Jarvis
    12 de Carvalho
    17 O'Brien
    21 Amalfitano
    22 Jääskeläinen
    24 Cole

  9. Sorry been away, and technical difficulties got in the way. Very good Mr P. Twisted spine and all. Reckon Pearson's about as popular as Allardyce these days and might be found dead in car park one dark night...However a little less likely after winning an open game against Hammers. Could've gone either way but Leicester needed it more.