Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Queens Park Rangers v. West Ham United


  1. If that were The Dog & Duck v The Porky Pig for braggin rights in Feydon Boys, it might have been fun.
    For those that traveled and spent a few quid, even across town, I'd be more than pissed.
    He/We managed to turn the clock back to last season.

    Few bright spots and we know what they are. Adrian is fast becoming a solid stopper & psycher, but he's gonna nut somebody one day and drop us in it. Not sure it isn't worth it.

    Any one know if the fat lady has sung for Song, or did he just get a day off?

  2. I actually think that QPR scored, add that to Ginge's peno and we could have lost by a brace Smitty. Adrian gets my vote for Hammer of the Year, whatever he isn't he is entertaining and of course he's going to land us in it - he's more matador than goalkeeper ! Alex ? Maybe he went clothes shopping instead ?

  3. Don't know about Song, but guess he failed to get on board the magic bus. I agree that Adrian has really stepped up since the beginning of the season. Better to be overactive than reactive as a goalie. I think QPR will think themselves unlucky, but then they probably always do!

  4. "Lucky" it's not exactly a word that you would associate with QPR is it Filthy ? But if they get dropped by less than 2 points, I'm sure this match will get many a mention in West London.

  5. They did, and for once we got lucky.
    Adrian could easily be HOTY, not a lot to choose from really - Cresswell, Wile E, Sacko and a longshot Ginge. Any other contenders?

    As for Songy, this was up today, so now we know.

    Alex Song, who is no longer feeling pain and discomfort in his back and was able to return to the training pitch on Monday. After training on an individual basis for one day, Alex returned to the group on Tuesday and is available for selection against Burnley.

    So be ready for him to show us what he can / can't / will / won't do as we get pummeled by Burnley.

  6. "pummeled by Burnley" sounds a bit harsh Smitty ? I won't be surprised if they beat us and to be honest if we stick with current "modus operandi" (?) I'll be surprised if we win. But Burnley are bottom and I'd like to think we are in with a chance.
    Come On You Irons !

  7. Oh, we're in with a chance, we always are, sort of, and I'll be COYIN with the rest of us
    but I think they've been really unlucky the whole season and they gave us a fight first game. They've got nothing to lose this time, and I think we'll be getting hit by everything including kitchen sink right from the off. I'd like to think we could score against this lot if anybody, but from open play I can't for the life of me see who's going to get one.

  8. Adrian HOTY ?

    Just read this, if nothing else that should shoo him in.
    No pressure for the next one at all

    Adrian is the ninth goalkeeper in Premier League history to save three penalties in a row; no keeper has ever done four.

  9. If they're fit and get service, I fancy Sakho or Valencia to score, maybe even both.

    So what odds are the bookies giving on Adrian stopping numero quatro Senor Smitty ?

  10. Sorry to be a downer but I can't imagine anything really good happening in the remaining games. Nothing really to play for. BFS got the sulk on.
    Play some young 'uns I say. Hopefully I'm wrong and it'll be a 9 goal thriller! A penalty would be fun!

  11. Dunno about the odds, might be worth asking someone to stroll into Bill Hill's and toss a tenner on.
    Prolly long.

    Is Sacko up? Though he was still crocked. Either way I don't fancy our chances of more than one, if that.

    S'alright Filthy you're not alone. Playing the young'uns, or even god forbid Nene, would be of interest to us but longer odds than Adrian's 4th probably.

  12. In fairness Smitty, on the subject of "young 'uns" "Peanut Butter" Burke got his debut against QPR. Didn't think he was too shabby either - had a better first bow than "Crazy Horses" (Reid).

  13. One yungun does not a trend make, and it's not as though he did it willingly.
    What was he gonna do Wile E at the back again with no midfield?
    The point would be to give as many non regulars as possible, as we have a sadly lacking bunch of starters generally speaking, a try out under battle conditions. It's not like we could go down however bad we were. Nor will it make a stay /go difference at this point. Not gonna happen though.

  14. Point taken Smitty and I agree where not going to see any serious attempt to promote youth under Tupper - I get the impression as he sees them for the most part as cannon fodder. But if we're short at the back I'd rather see Peanut Butter get another turn, than move Wile back (even though he shoulda at least forced the save when he got our only decent cross of the match at Loftus Road)

  15. I get the impression he doesn't see them at all, unless they're the only ones left standing.

  16. Quite right Mr P. Far better to play someone who will benefit from the experience in their right position rather than play someone out of position who has nothing to prove or gain. If there's nothing to play for then you gotta find something, and experience for youngsters is a huge something.

  17. Close escape with David Cameron mistakenly calling himself a West Ham fan- apparently he's a Villain- but had a "brain fade".