Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Aston Villa v. West Ham Utd


  1. Forget winning, lets just try not to get any yellows from here on out!

  2. With only 3 wins since Xmas, I'd say we're doing pretty good on "Forget winning" front Don't Hurt 'Em. With a name like yours maybe you could coach some none aggression into the team for the last 2 games and a possible Europa League Lucky Dip. Either that or Alf had better stash the drape and pull on the kaftan !

  3. Everytime I see that kit I think of Thunderbirds. I'd hate to think if there is anyone playing who's in rescue mode though.

    Standard showing from us. Lucky it was only the one.

    Defensively , desperate looking at times but OK. Onerable mention to Ginge.

    The Malfimeltdown wasn't as much fun as the last time , but I still like him. I think it's possibly frustration , not that we'd know owt about that.

    F******g Nene, he may not be a superstar, but from where I'm sitting he is. Coupla shots from out of nowhere not too far off. One for Enners bonce that nobody else has managed for a few weeks. Guy's gotta go, we could look like we're putting up a fight if he plays, and the FF will claim it was him.
    Bring him back next year when the FF is gone

  4. Alf would actually make a good Gerry Anderson puppet Smitty a la The Hood. But to be honest, the closer we get to D-Day (his contract expires June 20th) the more I worry he might be staying !

  5. Steady Boy, Steady. Keep a good thought. The negatives waves must out.
    Let's not think of D-Day, it will be G-Day
    He must be gone!!
    The opening has come. Mrs Sam can still go to the opera, and get her buns from Fortnums- Fulham there he goes!! ( or QPR, doubt that though)

  6. You'd like to think that post Xmas form what make him sackable, but I just had a look at a Last 6 Games Table and we're actually only 15th - 5 points from 6 games with goal difference keeping us above Spuds and QPR. Not only that but The Saints are below us with 4 points from 6 games ! We will we manage to nick 3 more points and Tupper declare the Magical 50 Point Tally as some landmark achievement to be admired by all ?

  7. Don't worry he's gone, but I really don't know who'll come in. No point in commenting on the game or the result I'm afraid.
    Parker would save the day!

  8. Would that be Scotty Parker Filthy, or Lady Penelope's chauffeur ? As for commenting on the game what else is there to say about another unmotivated team trying to pull off a draw against a relegation threatened team on a bit of a run.

  9. I'm with you Filthy, he has to be.
    Form or no form they have to realise, next year people will be there as it's farewell Boleyn. But they'll be playing Huddersfield in front of 12 Belgian tourists at the OS if he serves up any more of this crap.

    Oh and can we organise a petition / few quid to promise to give the toffees a soft goal in return for them serving up a sitter for Nobby so he can get his century and then sod off.

  10. Smitty, Nobby could well be a 100 years old (not that far off I know) and still not get that bloody goal !

  11. Unaided I agree but if we help there's a slim chance he may not play. Very slim I'll admit but I'll take what I can get at this point

  12. "Unaided" ? do you mean before he starts playing for us with one of those walking frames ? He'll need two - home and away colours !!

  13. You mean he isn't already? I though it was just made of clear plastic so you couldn't actually see it.

  14. I meant either Parkers. just saw that the gaffer claims "only Houdini" could have done wot I've done in the past 3 years!! God he's odious. He should be put in a straight jacket, then immersed in an extra large fish tank and see if he can get out of that!

  15. He must be back in his "sophisticated" mode Filthy. I once read a biography of Houdini and he was a big head too ! As for strait jackets, I think it's the Brady Bunch that may have donned them, can they wriggle out, stay afloat and make their way to Olympic sized fish tank in style ?

  16. Not sure what to think this morning ? Be happy with a nice clean loss in the hope the Faithfull get their Europa Cup beano or get stuck in and see if we can beat them (for a change). I know come kick off it will be full on Come On You Irons mode - I'm not sophisticated enough to know better (sorry Alf). COME ON YOU IRONS !!!!

  17. COYI!!!!!

    It's hard to tell whether our talent for not winning or theirs for losing will out. See BBC below.
    Especially with the Nicely Nicely Ballet going on
    Even the bookies can't decide - we're both 13/8

    West Ham United
    They have won just two of their last 14 league matches and have failed to score in half of those games.
    In their first 18 matches of the season they picked up 31 points. In the subsequent 18 games they have collected just 16 points.
    West Ham and Burnley have scored a league-low 13 goals in 2015.
    Enner Valencia has scored just one goal in his last 21 appearances and has gone 534 minutes since his last goal (v Crystal Palace).
    Aaron Cresswell is the only Hammer to have played every minute of their Premier League fixtures this season.
    Everton have suffered consecutive defeats, conceding five goals, having previously gone six games without defeat and only let in two goals.
    They have won just four matches away from home this season - they won eight last campaign.
    The Toffees have dropped 19 points from winning positions, more than any other team in the top flight this season.
    Everton have made a league-high 15 errors directly leading to goals in 2014-15.
    Romelu Lukaku has scored in each of his five appearances in all competitions for Everton against West Ham.

  18. Bilic leaving Besiktas? Sheringham to Stevenage..........

  19. Hasn't been mentioned much nor has he said anything AFAIK but what happened to our "attacking" from our "attacking" coach

    From KUMB

    So it would appear that:

    Benitez is going to Real Madrid
    Moyes is favourite to go to Newcastle
    Unai Emery's representatives were rebuffed by our board (lack of PL experience)
    Bielsa gets the thumbs up from Sullivan's son
    Laudrup doesn't want a 'mid-table' team
    Billic has been sacked again because Besiktas want someone successful to take them to the next level in their new stadium

    I hope they're not thinking about that McClarren geezer from Derby.