Friday, May 22, 2015

West Ham v. Everton


  1. Well late getting this up, won't bore you with the excuses> Hopefully below 2 comments copied from the end of the Thunderbirds episode:

    Filthy RichMay 21, 2015 at 8:41 AM
    Bilic leaving Besiktas? Sheringham to Stevenage..........


    Mr SmittyMay 21, 2015 at 11:09 AM
    Hasn't been mentioned much nor has he said anything AFAIK but what happened to our "attacking" from our "attacking" coach

    From KUMB

    So it would appear that:

    Benitez is going to Real Madrid
    Moyes is favourite to go to Newcastle
    Unai Emery's representatives were rebuffed by our board (lack of PL experience)
    Bielsa gets the thumbs up from Sullivan's son
    Laudrup doesn't want a 'mid-table' team
    Billic has been sacked again because Besiktas want someone successful to take them to the next level in their new stadium

    I hope they're not thinking about that McClarren geezer from Derby.

  2. Also read a quote from Tupper saying he's straight off to Spain after Sunday's match to see the grandkids and that his agent will attend the Post Season Pow Wow with The Brady Bunch. Got to be gone hasn't he ?

    Another piece of evidence is that he gave the team the week off ! What about our fifty points and a top half finish ! To quote the ever ghastly Neil Warnock " That's last week's fish and chip paper now." If I was Steve Bruce (have mercy I'm not) I'd be well upset - if Newcastle beat us The Tigers are consigned back the The Championship cage.

  3. Well for 67 minutes we were hopeful.
    Then I knew, you knew, we all knew.
    Kudos to those who gave up their hard earned.
    All those who walked before the walk I don't blame you.

    One more before the end and I couldn't care less who goes down or stays up I just want to see that fat arse disappearing for the last time. I just want to see us "play" but even that's likely to be a stretch.
    At this point I really don't care who replaces him. Well I do, but it's hard to imagine we'll get someone much worse

  4. Always on the cards that Lukaku would strike again and sho nuff.... Another step on the learning curve for Peanut Butter, he's not the finished article but he's got the makings. He won't forget their second goal in a hurry that's for sure.
    Just read that Tupper wants to help his old pal Steve Bruce out, well as the saying goes with friends like that...
    No complaints from me whoever comes in - not until December anyway, a gesture made in the knowledge that Pulis has just got new job !

  5. Hopefully David and Tiny have mercy on us. This has to be Sam's last stand

  6. Really can't be read any other way, can it Don't Hurt 'Em and I reckon we're still in with a shot at a game in the Europa League competition, unless there's an all out brawl on Tyneside tomorrow.

  7. Don't suppose there's any chance he'll go today is there?
    Pick anyone in a West Ham shirt from the crowd to pick the team and let em loose, couldn't be worse.

    I watched a couple of highlight vids of Nene when I was sitting doing nowt yesterday. It's criminal he never got a full go out. Will have a go from anywhere and even if they miss it gets the blood going. I hope he comes back next year and gets a fair shake.

  8. Not sure what to think about Newcastle ? Since I heard Al gave everyone five days off, I've been thinking we're about to get tonked. But Sods Law, it could it be a day to remember for Alf & Nobby - Nobby gets his 100, Alf and us get 50 points and The Barcodes get relegated. Boy he'd popular at Sunderland if he could pull that off !

  9. I think we'll play 1-8-1 to make sure Nobby gets his then fall back to a safe 9-0-1
    and cough up 2 in the last 5 mins.
    Diame Army goes down. Toon Town goes bonkers Hammers away faithful go into meltdown. Sam's in the sun monday morning. Gets a 2 year contract tues morning.
    Canary wharf gets burned to the ground before the new buggers can move in.

    That's it, no more cheese & onion sammys before I have a nap.
    0-0 bore draw.

  10. Scenarios Galore eh Smitty - well here's hoping Hull garb an early one and then game on - The Barcodes will have to come at us. Come on You Irons !

  11. Tupper's Gone - it's official I It's a holiday here in the USA and I'm out of town, so no new post until I get back. Enjoy yourself Smitty !

  12. Yep, at last!!
    Ta Mr P. I will.

  13. Sorry, been away....Hallelujah? dancing in the streets? what tune sums up your feelings on the farewell to BFS? Truly shocking form and results since December, he can't claim a successful season. Enjoy your holiday at Casa Bastard.

  14. very excited about FIFA arrests. About time, hope they keep going and put Blatter behind bars. Strange that it is the US leading it. I feel the US would more happily take "soccer" to task than it's own football, but it's great they are anyway!

  15. Yeah I was wondering why we were involved but it seems the fluff & fold was done in Brooklyn, being as they weren't quite sure what a real nine bob note looked like and just whipped it on through.
    Chance for Sam here, if he plays his sophisticards right, could be an opening soon for a man of his underrated talents

  16. Sam as a FIFA executive? I guess the president would be his chosen position. I'm not quite sure what to think of that idea, but it'll never happen. He'll be running bingo nights at the "wheeltappers and shunters social club"

  17. If he gets to La Suisse he'll turn it onto the Fromage & Light & Bitter club.
    Now THAT"S sofisticashun

  18. We're going to have to find a whole new topic of conversation now he's gone. Hopefully it'll be football!