Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Swansea City v. West Han Utd


  1. Yeah, wouldn't it.
    1st half I thought I was a year younger, about to watch another 90 mins of Samodross. Livened up a bit later though.
    Few stand out players, honorable mention to Ginge- 110% as usual.

    Not sure about Jelly up front, it looked again like a Sam plan , some poor sod wandering about on his todd upfront getting nowhere and not much service. I didn't notice till then that he runs just like tarzan, hard to tell the difference.
    I think Antonio will come good for us with a bit of experience.

    Another Samilarity- weird subs. I actually had no idea what he was doing.

    For a holding game while we wait for reinforcements to get on their feet, it was ok.

  2. I thought it was a toss up between Ginge and Adrian for Hammer of the match and considering Ginge got away with a "hands in the till" handball penalty shout - I'll give it to Ginge. Don't think we're going to get anywhere with Jelly and would have sooner seen Zarate stay on with Valencia. As you imply Smitty the sooner the 7th Cavalry show up the better !

  3. Adrian had his moments but Ginge was Ginge for the full ninety.
    Yep, I thought the Speedy twins was the way to go but.....obviously not.
    Why take Antonio off, he can't have been knackered and he wasn't hurt, total mystery to me.
    I'd like to think of it more as Crazy Horse and his howling savages coming to the rescue ( and thinking of the haircuts I'm not far off), than a middle aged blondie who wasn't very good at making a circle and his mob.

  4. Wont argue the toss over Custer Smitty and as a fan of Sgt Fury I'd settle on some Howling Commandos. We need some cut and thrust. I'm not going to second guess Super Slav either - hopefully he's learning something from these left of centre choices.

  5. Ginge and Adrian for sure. It was one way traffic. Yeah there are a lot of injuries, but you can't let that dictate everything and mean you just tough it out at the back. Still another point and clean sheet. Payet back soonish?

  6. After we kicked off with the win against The Gooners it was agreed amongst myself and the Portobello Road Hammers (all stall holders) that there would be no moaning until Xmas. Well it aint Xmas yet Filthy. The rear guard and goalie have done an excellent job especially with Crazy Horses out and I have to say I prefer Tomka at right back to Jenko - we lose a bit going forward but we aint losing games. Jenko didn't endear himself to yours truly coming on and picking up a yellow straight away for something as lame as delaying a throw in. For whatever reason the midfield did not come together as it should and I hope they and the manager know why - because I don't !

  7. I'm not really moaning. This year has been brilliant in comparison, and resources are very low. I'm just nervous of the current message ( dig deep, we'll get what we can with character and just get through this period) to the players becoming the long term message. They have done really well to get the sequence of draws with a decimated squad.

  8. #2 son says that maybe there's a silver lining to Payet's injury, we now stand a much better chance of keeping him during the January window. Keep Payet and sign Lanzini and we have serious potential - Come On You Irons !