Thursday, December 31, 2015

West Ham Utd v. Southampton


  1. I'm off to Washington DC on Jan 1st morning, will check in here when I can.

  2. A bit of friendly advice to The President?
    I fear AC can't be called tarzan anymore after his last shocking hair disaster.
    A very welcome win...first half didn't look like that'd be the result. It's the final score that counts.
    Poyet back against Liverpool?

  3. A set of cornrows cannot disguise the Animal Magic of Tarzan Filthy ! As far as I'm concerned he can wear it like King Kurt as long as he scores. Just as well he did too, that was pretty brutal point blank miss a bit earlier in the match.

    It's well known that "Obama's A Hammer" but some kind of international diplomatic obligation has kept him schtum. Wouldn't be surprised if I get a presidential "Oi Oi" from him if he spots me squiring about in my "Farewell Boleyn" Alf Garnet style scarf

  4. While you're there 9 scarves & hats for the Supreme Court wouldn't look amiss. There's something they could agree on if they ever thought about it.

    I love this season, never boring. I thought we might scrape a draw in reality, but there's always hope with this lot.
    I still think Tarzan should get on his rope and swing off somewhere. That's at least twice he's stood 2 feet in front of goal and converted it. Antonio should be awarded it regardless of who tapped it in. He's gonna be immense for us when he gets going. Raw Power - Iggy would be proud. Who wasn't yelling when he made that run.
    Slav did his job with the changes, and the boys didn't quit. Ginge was The Man again, he's gotta be a legend soon in the "Time to get yer shorts dirty" hall of fame.
    Yeah, like he was gonna come off.
    I think we did great over the games with our casualty list and now the reinforcements are coming back we should be in the running again. We'll take the Scousers no problem.
    What happened to Poyet? anybody know. I totally forgot about him.
    Great things from us this year.

  5. I always hated cornrows on whiteys. So much so that I couldn't even look at Bo Derek's head in "10".
    Quite agree, Smitty. It has been a fabulous season so far.
    Happy new year!

  6. Maybe Tarzan has a future as a rugby player Smitty ?
    As for Antonio's goal - pure Keystone Cops - he fell over and scored - I'll take that ! And if that 3/4's of the Park run near the death is as you predict a sign of things to come he is going to be monster.
    And I'm beginning to think Ginge should be Captain ? Especially when Noble's yellow cards kick in !
    In Super Slav we trust !

  7. I don't think the idea was that you were meant to be looking at Bo Derek's barnet Filthy !

  8. Not a cornrow fan on anyone Filthy, with Tarzan & Vic though that's about all they got going for them.
    He seems to have the basic talent for over the bar but I think he'd break first time out.
    I meant Big Nic's header that Tarzan finished off, very unlucky.
    Just think if he got that and the runner he could have had a Hat Trick. I think he'll get one eventually too, he's big, he's fast and there's not much subtle about him, gotta love him.
    I was thinking Ginge deserves the stripes for a game or 2, but I can see him stickin a nut on Anthony Taylor in negotiations so I'll just settle for him being a mench at the back.
    Way back in the dim and distant games in Europe I said I really liked Lanzini, I really had no idea why then, but he's really the nuts sometimes and a lovely mover all the time.
    Mention for Jenko, he may not be able to play on the left, and his bottle is shot as a defender but he was a great link in the middle, and is he nippy!! Not sure what we should do with him.

  9. Great saitch A. P
    Big game for us later on today edging towards 2-0 or 2-1 to us
    Been on the missing list lately and missed saitches mob
    Oi Oi saveloy and be lucky

  10. Be it the nuts or the nutella (Italians eat that instead of marmite, jam or dripping) Lanzini is definitely it Smitty and it is a matter of record here on Saitch that you were the earliest to handicap him. As for cornrows I will have to do a little research on the history, but Stevie Wonder and Lattrell Sprewell (Knicks) are two brothers that have pulled them off (before pulling them out). As for us white boys - a bridge too far seems to be the consensus, still we don;'t need tTarzan to look cool we need him to score !

  11. Well Shiver Me Timbers it's our old shipmate Slippery ! Ahoy There Mr Dooh Dah ! Great to have you back on Saitch - "Out of circulation until the dogs get tired ?" as Tom Waits might say and living large regardless I hope ?

  12. Postscript to Smitty and any other Saitchers (Saitchees ?) - Manuel Lanzini is Argentinian - just like Carlos Tevez and Che Guevera ! I guess too much time hanging about Old Compton Street ha left me with the idea that any name ending in "ini" or "inio" is Italian - time for me to get with the modern world !