Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Newcastle v West Ham


  1. True indeed that it wasn't a keeper. But the 3 points are. 6th - whoda thunk it. Top o' the Gooners -immensely satisfying.
    Shame AC didn't nod in a couple but you can't have everything.
    All in all Alf's on the ball and the boys are doing great, We should all be walking tall.

  2. Tall Smitty ? I've got claret and blue stilts on ! Is that Spuds I see down there ?

  3. It would have been easy for them to think "we've done the biz against City..." So this is a great result and lack of style is the norm on the streets of Newcastle! (ouch!)
    Hope you get used to your stilts Mr P.

  4. Lets hope they don't take their foot off the gas when Stoke come a knockin' Filthy. Must give Alf Tupper full marks for the last two matches and a special shout for Jussi for that save on Sunday. And what can you say about Nobby - the man with the knack or what ?

  5. Get Carter>Friends of Eddie Coyle>Chinatown?

    "...Both sides are struggling defensively, which could mean plenty of goals at St James' Park."
    - The Guardian, Friday 9 November 2012 12.21 EST


  6. "Get Carter" Club Penguins closely based on the Ted Lewis book originally titled "Jack's Return Home" (he also co-wrote the "Yellow Submarine" flick - figure that one out). Not that there's anything wrong with the other two you mention. On the subject of two - there should have been at least two more goals Sunday, but both goalies produced fine saves. With Tomka and Crazy Horse once again paired in central defence, I thought we looked very strong at the back.

  7. I reckon Stoke are more inclined to roll over this year, and not so likely to score. So...BIG it up, carrol goes up for a header on the edge of the box, Huth takes his legs, noble(?)/Diame curls in the free kick from 20 yds. 1-0 will do it. If this comes to pass I'm a monkeys uncle!
    Nolan is the mayor of E.13. makes it happen, Wouldn't be out of place in "get Carter". Reliable.
    Not sure what the Guardian's calling for this weekend's result, but they did qualify last week's prediction with a "could". Did you see Spuds private eyes found guilty of spying on West Ham/Olympic negotiations?
    More and more it's not about the grass. Shame.

  8. Martin Peters, Jermain Defoe, Scotty Parker and now Stratford, Spuds will not leave us alone will they ? Always after something we've got, well in the Olympic Stadium case had. With regard to the OS I'm expecting a fiasco bigger than the stadium itself, it's going to be like "The Mousetrap".

  9. Evidently the new word for what I describe above is "Omnishambles" ! Even got a matching O in the front!

  10. Think you're right. I saw the Mousetrap (rhymes with cr..!) 35 years ago in London, and it had been running for 20 years then! I think it still is. "Omnishambles"? is that another weak Pete doherty vehicle?

  11. Well if we get an queries in the Agatha Christie department, you'll be our "go to guy" Filthy. I had to go to Google to see what Pete Doherty's been up to lately, as he's fallen right off my radar. Evidently he's currently living in Paris (probably hiding from QPR results) and was recently involved in a missing French Railways trolley incident - Hardly Class A criminal activity is it ?

  12. No, he's calmed down and revealed as less interesting because of it. I loved his blast onto the radar- Thieving from his bandmembers flat when they're at rehearsal (and he should have been as well) Not so earth shattering when it's just another junkie action, but part of the rock'n'roll legend. "Up the bracket" was vibrating with the great and the crap. Think the producer had a lot to do with it.
    Anyway..... QPR seem to be stuck in the "crap". Shipping goals and not even playing Robert Green.
    Hammers can feel smug and relieved that things are SO much better. I was VERY sceptical about the Gollivan, but I really appreciate their comparative low profile.
    Did anything good ever happen on a Monday night?
    We'll find out tomorrow!