Thursday, December 5, 2013

Crystal Palace v. West Ham Utd


  1. " you gotta blow a bubble or two"...The heading above my entry says "No comments"
    Precisely: no goals, no luck, no food. One step forward at the weekend, one or one and a half back last night. Bloody well better get some more in January!

  2. I was thinking this was going to be the first "No Comment" Saitch Filthy. The people would speak by not saying anything at all. In a way I guess it is. We're unlikely to play a worse side than Palace were in the first half, but I tip my my stingey brim to the Selhurst Park fiathful (there was probably a lot of ringers though - with a "Glamour Fixture" like us) who gave a good account of themselves, even when their team couldn't.