Monday, December 30, 2013

West Ham United v. West Bromwich Albion


  1. not many more floors to fall from! The fulham game just got to titanic proportions. Will the gaffer go down with the ship if the Hammers hit an iceberg in the Thames? I expect the band will keep playing....there's no option! The suit fabric and the brickwork work well! Happy new year (I hope!)

  2. Ah, but it's a long way up.
    We'll do it but it won't be pretty.

    We can take Fulham


    and a great 14 to all.

  3. This band member will be playing up a storm Filthy and there's no reason why we can't get all 6 points from a Fulham team that just went down 6 - nil. As for Alf Tupper, he's going to have to have a hell of a second half of the season to avoid the Summertime Blues.

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