Tuesday, December 17, 2013

West Ham Utd v. Sunderland


  1. ....and sometimes a good stuffing as well! More of a hospital meal than a Christmas feast so I hear.
    I've been keen on the spurs cup tie since the last round, thinking of victory. Could've been the straw that broke AVB's back, but that's already happened and I'm not sure if that makes it easier or more difficult. Still should go for cup glory the boost in morale carries over.

  2. "However, despite having the better of the game, Sunderland lacked the goalscoring touch "

    Who have I heard that about before?
    Lucky to get a point and we need them all. Jussi & the back saved our turkey again.

    There better be enough in the kitty to buy us a goal come the new year, or someone better step up.

    "We have got eight clean sheets so far this season. That is a brilliant return as we only got 11 last season.
    "We all know that the [scoring] goal factor that has not made the difference for us and had that been better we would be higher up the league"

    It's hard to imagine BFS getting a paycheck for coming up with these gems, but it seems he does.

    Will the AC come on in time to stop the sweating at the bottom?
    Somehow or other I think we'll stay up but it won't be pretty

  3. I haven't been able to publish comments for a couple of days and so apologies to Filthy and Smitty for the lack of swift reply. I won't waste your time time as in the words of Charles Hardin Holley - "Buddy" to you "It Really Doesn't Matter Anymore" _ CMON YOU IRONS !

  4. That should have read "waste your time explaining" .