Friday, January 31, 2014

Chelsea v. West Ham


  1. AC's wages for the week should be given to Adrian

  2. I could have accepted AC skying it, or sticking it wide Don't Hurt 'Em but to miss the bloody ball entirely. If I was him I wouldn't have the cajones to show up for my wage packet.

  3. Humongous Rah!!
    Balls & heart a plenty.
    I don't care if they win, lose or draw I just want to see more of this.
    Special mention to almost everyone, Adrian especially.
    ( Nod to Jussi though, lets not consign him to the heap. We owe him big time for this year, and he's probably tought our new hero a bit)
    J O'B too, stick yer head up from the floor! , you're a better man than me.
    Get well soon.
    If AC knew what a goal looked like me and slippery could have been right!!
    If I could reach that high I'd give him a slap! Twice in 2 games he had a sitter and screwed it up.
    Il Nocerino looked quite tasty for the few minutes he was on.

    Have we laid the Lampart jinx to rest?

    Few nice bits in at the end of the window, looking hopeful.
    All in all, if we can do this for the rest of the season, I feel good about us staying up.
    Then BFS and bloody Nolan can sod off and we can then play football and hold our heads high again.

    Rah!!!!!!!!!!!!, Irrrrrrrrooooooonnnnnnssssssss! Rah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Very nice mr P, The glee and the sulk. Matching Alf's taunting laughter at Maureen's complaining. Great performance (in a backs against the wall way) and not going to dwell on why they haven't played like that since.......Here we go? why not.

  5. Also, I was just doing some maths: This is the 12th top notch Saitch since December 17th. That's 12 in 46 days, throw in Christmas and Pneumonia that's a top of the table performance Mr P!

  6. what a great Saitch...FerkinLuvit...i thought i was gonna see a bit of Stan,Jack ,& Blakey after 'Moron'ihos comment about parking the West Ham Bus..But 'Fwank Lumpolard desperately trying to score and our Great Goalie was the last Bus at the last stop ...funny enough Moroniho Bow Locks was the last stop tonight...
    i dont know if anyone else noticed but A.C.only wears white football boots...except the 2nd half when for some reason he changed em to a black pair and m,issed that sitter...
    Maiga loaned to QPR...The Rat has left the club by mutual consent as of 23:00 hrs 31/01/2014

  7. Just back in the door Smitty, so not up to date on the last day of the January sales, but in view of the 2 Daves liking for loans, the wardrobe dealing may not be over yet. Must agree about Nocerino, looked like he was actually trying to pass the ball as opposed to just shift it.

  8. Filthy, first Josephine Mourinho's going on about 19th Century Football and the Black & Dekker power tools (product placement perhaps) - make your mind up Josie and anyway it's the same tactic Chelski used against Barca. s for the kind words on The saitches - flattery will you get you anywhere you want to go.

  9. Maiga loaned to QPR Slippery, that's bad news for Mick Jones and Rat off a sinking ship, no surprises there although in fairness to him they're may have been a "pay up" clause in his contract about to kick in. Perhaps AC's black boots were the culprit in the missed sitter, perhaps he couldn't see where his feet were ! Also a quick question - Is your son called Slippery Day by any chance ?

  10. No disrespect Slippery but I checked and we are now Maiga-less, things are really looking up. I would have rather he went to someone we still had to play, but I guess that would be asking too much.

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  12. Many thanks and welcome Lacy. Sadly I'm having no luck in finding your blog using Gmail Account Support as a link. Do you have any other pointers ? While I'm asking questions I guess you're not related to The Lacy Lady - once at The Seven Kings Hotel ?

  13. AP that's one from the past - the Lacy Lady at the Seven Kings Hotel - had my Stag do there when I married my first missus. I won't go into anymore detail! Haven't been by there for years, wonder if the Seven Kings hotel is still there?

  14. I have absolutely no idea George, the last time I went there I was still doing the Wicky Wacky. Haven't been further East (over that way) than Green Street in many years.