Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fulham v. West Ham


  1. Happy New Year !!
    Same Old Nonsense!!

    You could write a book on this.

    Nolan you're a jerk.
    Sam's there for the rest of the season, by virtue of there is nobody else who is either
    a) Suitable
    b) Stupid
    c) Related to Don Quiote

    Put the kids team in, at least the other teams won't know everything we do and we'll go down swinging.

    Last week I thought we had a good chance of staying up with a few back from injury and some heart. Now, still possible but ............... not sure what buts we need but a lot of em.

  2. There is still a chance, but looking less of a good one. You're right about Nolan, can't live with him, can't live without! The ban is less damaging than leaving the team short handed in a crucial game!
    I don't think shopping's going to be easy either, so the only way is through character! I reckon Alf's been using his "trim phone" already. Nice herringbone wallpaper!

  3. Agreed there's no point for axing Alf now Smitty, but can't see how he can keep the job come summer. 17th is still well within our grasp, but the quality of the reinforcements we get in January may well be the decider. I'm expecting "the kids" to get a big run out at Forest Sunday lunchtime and getting up bright and breezy to have a butchers.

  4. There's no defending Nobby now Filthy, which leaves Alf in a bit of a pickle - he can no longer sight (site ?) the quality of his on field leadership with 2 reds this close together and especially the nature of the offence against The Cottagers. At his age as Captain of a Bottom Three team ? Completely outrageous. Still looking forward to the FA Cup if the kids get their chance.

  5. I'd say as it stands 17th is possible.
    With some firepower, some heart and outstanding stuff from $15M worth of so far nothing, maybe a little better.
    How's AC gonna be without his mucker there? If his mucker is there, how's he gonna play when you won't here anything for the booing?

    It looks like the kids are gonna be up tomorrow ( just guessing, haven't looked) if they do good give some of them a shot against citeh, never gonna happen but how bad could it be. We're not gonna win that one anyway.

    Never boring at the Irons.
    I forgot where that other place I was going to was. Anyone remember?

  6. Accrington Stanley Smitty, but I still don't know if that's in Accrington or Stanley ? And by the way just found out that the correct spelling of site/sight in my previous, is cite - "Citeh" without the 'h"!

  7. Me neither, but it's tempting, wherever it is. They got almost double the points we have.

    I think you can fill that under " use much later" , I don't think BFS is going to be interested in any previous cites for a while.