Friday, February 13, 2015

Southampton v. West Ham Utd (version)


  1. ARTIST'S NOTE: This has been credited as a "version" as it is my plan to use actual badges in the work. I don't have time to get the badges before this Saitch needs to go up. Fellow artist Ian Wright (No not the player) has agreed to make them for me, but he is currently in London and I am in New York - but it will happen !

  2. Sterling Saitch Mr P. Version or no. They're coming thick and fast lately.

    Who needs a whole Box O'Frogs when we've got Adrian & Songy. Draw lots for who's it for every game do they?
    That said we held our own most of the game - Why are they in the top 4?, wasn't majorly impressed - till The Red.
    Have they decided on the appeal yet? Did we appeal?
    I like Jussi though, be a bit much for him I think for the whole season, but a game or 2 no problem. The boys at the back top shelf, everyone. Weren't pretty but not a step backwards. For a top team to not get it in against 9 says it all for us or them.

    Ol Pussy Legs did it again- what was he doing on there for the last minutes, pointless - so looks like we'll see ValenSakho for the majority of the rest of the season, which can't be all bad. Wish he hadn't shipped Zarate off, we could do with him now.

    Gonna be a toughie at WBA at dawn tomorrow but if we can get the Dangerous Brothers working up front and get 1 or 2 in we'll be right


  3. Stop Press - for me anyway.
    Just got it. Adrian red recinded he's back between the sticks tomorrow

  4. Nice one Mr P. Look forward to the badges. Adrian off the hook, and AC out for the season. Mixed blessing there, he's good to bring on in Van Gaal fashion when long ball "pressure drop" is needed in the final 10 mins, but on the other hand just have to play the right way.

  5. Adrian's red card turned over - Ki Yi Yippee Yippee Yay ! Of course that now means he will think he was never out of line in the first place a d returning to his swashbuckling ways immediately ! Number One son has been predicting a "come uppance" for the keeper, but looks like he's dodged another bullet ! "Faster than Eastwood, tougher than Van Cleef, Rougher than django ...."

  6. Smitty, The Saints have been on a bit of dip in goal scoring lately, but they've earned their place in the table and although they couldn't score against us - we never really got in the game. Fair enough once we lost the goalie, but before then it was not happening, we could not get the ball forward.

  7. Not the best news losing AC for 4-6 weeks Filthy, but not the worst either. He's played well of late, but he's hardly been "on fire'. If we can get the ball up to them Sakho and Valencia can do their share and if we need a big man there's Carlton, not as good as the recent AC but better than "often" AC. As pretty much always we need an ion form Noble in the mix! Come On You Irons.

  8. Yea, I'm sure he'll see he was lucky and mend his ways.
    "Faster than Eastwood, tougher than Van Cleef, Rougher than django ....Trinity!!"

    I'm sure they must have been better, but neither side looked really in danger of winning.

    If it means a choice between AC / Nobby and either Valencia / Sacko
    or V/S or the best of all worlds a combination of any depending on the situation, then sorry AC - time to go. CC and a murderous Ginge / Tommo on the set pieces, almost as good sometimes better

  9. Who knows what "The Sohsticated One" (AKA Top Hat Tupper) thinks after Wednesday night Smitty ? He can't play the injured, as we've seen he can leave them on but he can't make 'em play !

  10. BBC reporting AC gone for the rest of the season !

  11. Nice to see that the Circle of Life is Unbroken.
    How many people said he'd be crocked before bedtime. And we didn't believe. Ha!

  12. Not out of the question, that we might never see him as a Hammer again !

  13. I ferkingwell Love THis Saitch A.P.THE pork pies them mini-skins..(if theyre still living they'd be nearing 50yrs old now)..are wearing were borrowed for the original pic from a shop i used to work in down Goulston st E.1.. pic was taken outside the shop (stall holders packing away for the day in background on a sunday 1979/ 80 )...A.P ask yer mate Kosmo... ...when you see him he will know what im on about..... (& could u ask him please if his email is still the same as the other month might be emailing him soon cheers)

    Something not right with Song...I started noticing at the Arsenal game at our gaff in december just gone...and every game since...i dont think hes as good as what we thought ..on his day 'General Song' is the man who wants to take control and lead the charge up field with the ball every chance he gets..but since i said at and after the Arsenal game he gets caught time and time some right dodgepot and not so dodgepot parts of the pitch .
    ive just come here from the future and know the West Ham West Brom Result so am chomping at the bit but keeping shtoom until Andy Pepper opens the portal for us..