Thursday, February 5, 2015

Liverpool v. West Ham


  1. Maybe, but didn't ever look likely this time.
    I thought we held em OK in the 1st, but it seemed only a matter of time.
    Sturridge is a piece of work.
    Not much else to say except I wonder who we're going to put in the back against Manure?
    Where's Woger?

  2. After the first 20 minutes Smitty, I don't think we were in it and considering how dominant they were, or vice versa how tame we were the scoreline could have been worse. Hats off to Ginge for struggling out there for so long and if anyone cam enlighten me as to what Nobby's contribution was, I 'd love to know ? On the subject of questions - does anyone know the latest on our defence ?

  3. Just had a poke about, Alf on BBC Sport claims carroll, Reid, Collins, Demel, Poyet and Henry (Doneil not the famous one) are all "in our medical room at the moment".

  4. Cooda been much worse.
    Well, Ginge is a mench, I think he should have come off before , he could have been a liability in a game that was going nowhere and could have really knackered himself for the season. What we need is that geezer from the Apollo, hoik yer off!!

    Few short passes, coupla fouls and some inspiratshun? Maybe.

    De Fence? we ain't got one. Will he throw The Recce in? Is Potsy still about?
    Woger's just been canned by Wolves, I'm sure he'd be on the bus down in a minute, and I don't think he'd be a disaster.
    Realistically I think he'll move Wile E back in the middle and maybe JOB?
    Adrian's gotta be the man!!

  5. I take it you mean the Apollo Harlem Smitty and not Glasgow ? Porto Rico was the hook man of legend, although Sandman Sims took over at some point and he too was offed by The Executioner I think. If I remember correctly Chuck Barris' Gong Show had a hook too ? As for Glasgow I'm sure they hooked you off I think they may have just cracked you one in the nut !
    As for defence - if Lady Brady & Co are trying to flog Corporate Boxes at The Olympic Woger The Welegator may not be the way to go !

  6. Lacking in all departments at Liverpool. Why not try and play in their half at least some of the time? Manure? Centrebacks Tomka and O'brien? Really need to stop them coming from midfield so Song and the captain will have a lot of defensive work to do. If they hold firm it is possible. Also better to attack the Northerners with pace and skill instead of strong and slow.
    Grim looking saitch Mr P. Gonna have to study it to get it's messages!

  7. Not my intention to be grim Filthy, quite the opposite ! Will definitely need Alex to get it together if we're not to be overun, although Wiley should prove helpful and hopefully Noble will back to his old dependable self. AC may be out so Sakho and Valencia up front ? sounds good to me !

  8. As I remember it The Gong Show had a hook they used occasionally if some one refused to bow out gracefully after being gonged. Or if they were so bad Chuck couldn't wait for a Gong. I definitely remember them chanting "Bring out the hook" over & over. I heard Chuck Barris

  9. Pt 2 - Chuck Barris claimed to be an undercover C.I.A. hit man in his autobiography! And I was in love with J. P. Morgan!!

  10. Correction : Jaye P. .Morgan the panelist, not J.P. Morgan the bank scumbag.

  11. Cheers Clueless, I was beginning to have my doubts about the hook on Chuck's show ("what's the gong for then") and still have my doubts about him being a CIA man. He seemed fairly "fried" back then, which was part of his appeal no ?

  12. The Hammers had a great first half of the season......

  13. Welcome to Saitch Sanjay and yes we certainly did, just positive goal difference is "step up" from recent years. If AC is injured we may get another run of the Sakho + Valencia combo that worked so well - bring it on !

  14. OK Gentlemen, lets play Sam.
    Defence out
    Winston Reid, James Collins, Guy Demel, Diego Poyet
    James Tomkins - is also struggling for fitness following recent injury

    So assuming Cressers & Jenko are fit at the wing backs
    Wile E in the middle? with JOB!!? or who?
    Maybe Nobes to sit back
    Play 2 in midfield with Nobby, Song and Malfi.
    Hope Tenner & Sackem with Downing can get enough going up front to give us a chance.

    Or what?

  15. We won't know until morning who's definitely out, heard rumours Jenko may be struggling too. I say go out and go at 'em provided we can get the ball attack, attack attack. It's really unlikely that we will have anything like the defence needed to keep Man U at bay, so common sense says we lose. So if we're going to lose let's "have a go" and maybe give the crowd something to be proud of even if we come away empty handed.
    4 defenders inc Joey and Creswell,
    Noble, Wiley , Song and Downing
    Valencia & Sakho.
    Nobby, Malfi , Carlton - bench.

  16. whichever4 at the back: Noble and song holding back, neutralising a deep Rooney. Mata etc. Wiley left mid. Downing #10, Valencia and Sakho up with one drifting wide right.?

  17. I agree we should have a go, but we're talking Sam here.
    Gonna have a makeshift back whatever happens so he's probably going to pack our half.
    Filthy. You missed Nobby. Do you think he's going to go in with out our leader wandering about as a roving troublemaker, usually away from the ball looking for Godot, or whatever it is he does.
    I can see nothing but a pummeling sadly, but yous never know.
    I think our only hope is Song holds the middle like 3 men, and Enner & Sacko do what they do, and a solid Downing.

  18. My selection was just that Smitty "mine". If AC isn't fit then I believe that the first name on Alf's team sheet is Nobby and that means a better player doesn't start. If we're short at the back Wiley may well be asked to centre back of which he has some previous (not with us). Song could make the difference today, but will he "show up" ? We need Noble on form too. COME ON YOU IRONS !!!!

  19. Since I've moved back to California I have yet to see anyone plaing baseball or USA Football at any of the local schools or parks
    Everyone is playing soccer! Organized leagues at the High School, both gitrls and boys. And even at the local parks when I'm
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    Yesterday at this same field I saw an organized league playing freaking Rugby! The Mid Coast Rugby Association. Do they still play even play that game in your country?

  20. I knew Cali was a soccer stronghold, but it sounds like it's even bigger than I thought Clueless. Rugby is still going strong in Britain, but it's definitely "not for everyone". It's a popular club sport in the North of England, but in the South it's played more at the private schools and the upper crust. Of course it seems to appeal to "head cases" the globe over.

  21. oi oi saveloy its the Dalai Hammer..great saitch A.P

    dont like coming into comment a couple of weeks late but what i say now i would have said then.." one of the cringiest toe curling wind me ups is going a bit mongy now thinking about it Sturridge and that Wobbly 'Jesus on a rubber cross Thang He does when he scores a goal...hate it..when we played them last season at our gaff and me son were dreading if he had scored a goal up our end where we sit as i would of copped a life ban being unable to control myself and running onto the pitch and kicking the granny out of him for it...but he never scored or done that dance but it still winds me up now ...sorry

    Mr Pepper could u please tell your mate Kosmo that im gonna send him an e mail if that is alrite ...cheers