Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tottenham Hotspur v. West Ham United


  1. Cruel and even more cruel. I was so impressed with the performance as I was gloomy before kick off. well done all round ( Song should've known better 'though)

  2. Their first goal Filthy, was worthy of Woody Allen and then it had to be Kane at the finish didn't it - just waiting for someone to lay a finger. There's no way around it as often as not Song is a liability in his own box, something akin (metaphorically speaking) to a land mine ! And there I was counting down the seconds....

  3. And it was all going so well ............and then!!
    We looked good till the end, enough in control to see it out. Silly bounce and they're back in.
    Was it a penalty? I've seen it a few times and think it was deffo a dive. I don't think the ref had any choice though, depending on his view. I've also looked at various interpretations of the rules. Should he have blown after Adrian's save?
    Can't get a break against them this year, decided at the death both times.

    Some weird subbing as usual from BFS. Even I was thinking if Nobes had to go off, Nobby would be the way to go, but obviously I was wrong. Looks like CC is out for an indeterminate time, so none of this "big man up top "nonsense. What will he do?
    Nene against Palace? or back to Sackem & Valencia again?

  4. To dive r not to dive, appears no longer to be the question for me Smitty, you touch a striker in the box expect him to go over. I do think Song touched him. As for stopping the play as soon as the Adrian saved, that seems unrealistic and not in the spirit of the game. I wonder if the rule book says anything about letting it play out ? Wouldn't be surprised if it did ?

  5. As for the subbing Smitty, Alf was right to get Noble off after that escape from a second yellow red and we definitely missed him once he was gone. I think when the final whistle went, there wasn't a West Ham fan that wasn't wondering why Nobby hadn't gone on to take his place ? As someone often critical of our past lack of intent on the attack, I'm not sure that I have the right to complain. When Carlton went on - I thought, alright we're still going to have a go, when he went off I was wondering about Nolan.

  6. You're right Mr P. Can't afford to touch anyone in the box now, and sometimes to even look as if you touched them.
    Good colours and composition Good stuff!
    Time to "welcome" back Pardew and be grateful he's on the other bench.

  7. Love to see the statistics on what percentage of penalties are "soft" Filthy and i wouldn't be surprised if Ref's aren't getting any official slack for giving them. TV wants goals !
    Didn't expect Pardew back on Green Street so soon, but I think him and Palace are a good fit and I would not have wanted him back for us.