Friday, April 8, 2016

West Ham United v. Crystal Palace


  1. In the knickers of time Mr P

    Adrian, oh Adrian, where were you.
    Linguini with a cracker in the box.
    PAYET, OH PAYET, how do you do it.
    Bloody ref, get some glasses, or get off the take.
    And another class meltdown as only we can do!!

    I'm glad Wile E got his red rescinded, but it doesn't get us the points back.Getting boring now.

    No ideas on L'Arse, could go either way but it'll be a can't keep your eyes off it I bet.

  2. As Saint slaven said: It's no good if you always have to score 3 times to have a chance of winning. Never a red card, as was proven by the panel, but it still affected the game. Shame, it was there to win.

  3. On the late side I know Smitty, i was working on another image that I decided was looking too negative. But I'm not 100% certain we would have won if Wile E had stayed on. We were definitely in Keystone Kops mode at the back, but that shouldn't take away from either Lanzini or Payet's contributions.

  4. Bilic's has got a point Filthy, you don't expect to score two at home and scrape by for a point. I reckon if Bolasie had got a bit more support they could have nicked it, we will have to be a lot sharper against The Gooners.

  5. Love the work saitch! Here's hoping we bring a win in against arsenal!

  6. Cheers Unknown - Going to depend how much we want it, but on our day we can beat any team in England, although I do realise Leicester are on a roll ! But 6 points from Wenger would be wonderful. Come On You Irons !!!!