Tuesday, April 12, 2016

West Ham V Arsenal


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwHWbsvgQUE
    The one and only.
    He deffo had his day. I still think he's not worth it 99% of the time but on this day he's was a beast.
    I don't subscribe to the persecution paranoia purely for us but there is deffo some dodgy doins in the decisions. Lanzi's goal was an awful decision. Payet's was a maybe, I think Tarzan was fouled first but could have gone either way, bit iffy that he didn't blow till it went in though.

    Still, what a season. Whooda thunk it? and we're gonna walk all over the RedMancs tomorrow


  2. As you well know Smitty - can't argue with a hat trick. Tarzan on the rampage. You can however argue with The Ref, but that doesn't seem to do us any good.

  3. Hats off to the cornrow/manbunned one. He does scare defences. Thought it was interesting Saint Slaven saying that he needs to stay fit and focus on being a football player (rather than a lifestyle enthusiast!) and then he'll be unplayable. He didn't say that now we need to score 4 goals to win, but could of. Lanzini "goal"was definite.
    Rip up the mancs and it's Wembley way here we come!

  4. If they've seen it Filthy, there can't be a football fan anywhere that doesn't think it was a goal and thus we won. I personally fancy that payer's was kosher too, but I don't want us to become a legion of whingers.
    I too noted Super Slav's comments on Tarzan and it was good to see him not get swept away by sight of what could be. He certainly called it right didn't he - evidently The Gooners have been leaking goals from corners on a regular basis.
    Any word anyone on Tomka ? Will he get any action tomorrow ?

  5. Haven't found anything on Tomka. On the subject of AC, I think Bilic is handling him very well. Super sub when needed and in yer face for longer when it suits. I hope AC heeds his words and doesn't just go out on the lash for 3 days to celebrate, then get an afro with a rats tail down to his arse.

  6. Hopefully Super Slav can keep Tarzan under manners on the football front but as far as the barnet goes I think anything is possible. I once saw some photos of his woman's decorating skills - I'd prepare for the worst !

  7. Nothing better than to see AC come hot right before our most important game in recent memory! Between all the fire power we have we definitely are going to score, we just need to not let in too many! Noble and Kouyante are going to have to lock down the middle of the park!

  8. 1/2 hour to go and no doubt it's a win. Gonna be tight . I figure 1-0 or 2-1.

  9. RARE HALF TIME COMMENT: "Tight" you're right Smitty, but I still believe. 45 minutes is more than enough time to beat Man U ! COME ON YOU IRONS !!!!