Thursday, May 5, 2016

West Bromwich Albion v. West Ham United


  1. What-ho, tis true. Thru the legs and over the top!
    Slow start as usual and if they'd really been on the job we'd have been 1 or 2 down in the first 15 - again.
    We're gonna have to fix that if we want to play with the really big boys.
    All in all though another one for the board, once we got going it was another fun one to watch. Pleased that Wile E got one , quality nod from a Payet perfect pass.

    Not ready for the Champs league yet but if we don't trip over our own feet we could be in the Europa and could do well.

  2. Must confess I missed this one Smitty, was en route to Philly (land of the claret and blue taxi), but caught the goals at the hotel (La Di Dah).
    The reins are firmly in our hands, like Saitch just 3 more to go. The Scousers Europa league Final doesn't have any bearing on us, as long as they stay below us in the table and I can't see Citeh leaving the Top 4,despite their Champs League exit.

  3. We take Noble's penalties for granted, even the best teams in recent weeks have been missing them left and right! Lets keep it going so we can secure 5th!

  4. And neither of this last pair were penalties Don't Hurt 'Em, but I know what you mean watched Mueller and Torres both kick 'em straight at the goalie in the same match ! 3 More wins and we are 5th for sure !

  5. comfortable and professional in the end. 5th is definitely possible. The desire to beat Man u for a proper goodbye will be huge. Have to be without Adrian 'though. his season's done.

  6. Have no reason to doubt Handy Randy between the sticks Filthy, he did us proud on the FA Cup run. Best just to focus on Swansea right now, they've got nothing to play for, we have and we also should have the better team. Got to shake a leg sooner rather than later, we're still too slow to gear up. Why is that ?

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