Monday, December 5, 2011

West Ham v Burnley


  1. OOPs.

    Can't finish nuttin. 1 in then take a nap.
    And speaking of nuttin' someone did ought to mention that you do have to watch top & bottom of
    the other geezers.

  2. We should have put them to the sword, or at least put them on the ropes in the first half, Smitty. We go one up in the the Second half and then they score 2 goals from 2 chances - both headers ! Someone was not paying attention, we've got some big lads at the back now and we shouldn't be getting mugged ! No doubt Alf Tupper had a word or two after the match.

  3. It had to happen.....but not like that, and at home. Sounds like sloppy defending to me. That and the belief after scoring that it'd be another win, so taking the foot off the gas. Shame.

  4. Really sloppy by the sound of it
    A word!? I'm sure he was............
    All that momentum down the tubes.
    We shoulda got that stylophone, if the winning streak doesn't keep the top shelf play up,
    Ilkley Moor 18 times on the trot on the 'ol SP if you lose oughta do it.

  5. Well I'd settle for one loss every 8 games, provided there was enough wins in the other 7. Alf reckoned at the starting line we needed 10 points every five games to go straight up and here we are 20 in and 40 on the chart. Luckily The Saints have slowed there row, losing 2 on the trot, but Cardiff are back in the rear view mirror. All eyes on the trip to Reading !

  6. We might have a potential future kit sponsor there Smitty - I can just see The Stylophone logo plastered all over the front of our shirts ! Certainly not as bad as Dagenham Motors, or the even worse BAC Windows !

  7. I think you're onto something, who wouldn't back down at the sight of a grinnin Rolf headin at ya!!
    and I'm sure if he's still alive he wouldn't mind a buck or 2.

  8. Better watch your back Smitty, Rolf's still with us - a mere whipper-snapper
    of 81.

  9. Even better,
    If you don't win, after the Ilkley, 2 Little boys
    on the ol' SP with a warble from Rolf.
    If that don't make the bu**ers play nothing will.

  10. I had visions of 60,000 faithful at Stratford (circa 2014) all playing "Bubbles" on their Hammers promotional Stylophone - the opposition would forfeit just to escape the torture !

  11. Would take a real mench to step out on the field.
    I think we've found the secret of success!!

  12. I had the same vision of thousands of Stylophones being played in sync.
    Then i woke up sweating!