Monday, December 31, 2012

Reading v West Ham


  1. New Years Eve - not the best time to make a post I know, but we have Norwich at home tomorrow and it is my personal duty to see that the "last match" is up before the "next" one kicks off. And so it is. A Happy, Healthy and Happening 2013 to you all !

  2. HHH13 to you Mr P, and all the Saichers past, present and future.

    READING!!! Again!!! I give up, words fail me.
    Very very extra teeny, rah!

  3. I know how you feel Smitty, Reading - hardly Barcelona is it ? And that's now 3 times in a row they've beat us, I hope it's not more, but can't bring myself to look that one up. Still 3 points from Norwich would put a bit of a shine on the New Year, before the wardrobe dealing starts up.