Friday, December 28, 2012

West Ham v Everton


  1. Noddy! Hmmm , he's a bit rude if I remember? Ohhhhhh! Lets get mad about a bad call! ...And I think I had a pint in that pub on Green Street....

    And wait!! What's going to happen tmra? 2012? well sorry Aztecs, no 12/21/12 ! We Hammers are still here!! Anyway, Love you all!!! Happy 2013!! See us groove into 13!!

  2. You may well have had more than one, if you remember the Blind Beggar as being on Green Street CBTG. The last time I went past (a good while now I know) it was still on the Whitechapel Road ! Still I like the sound of "groove into 2013", if we pick up 3 points from Reading I'll be groovin' for sure.

  3. Noddy's the Kiddo, Holder or not.
    And wherever he is he's deffo a blind something!!
    Unspeakably rubbish reffin - we was robbed by a moron. Not often you get both sets of fans in total agreement.
    Only took the league 3 days to figure out what we all knew there and then- it was Bo****ks.
    2 rahs for the boys for keeping it close for 25 mins with 10 men.

    Again, I think we shoulda got a point, but not to be.

  4. One again we did not play that badly and we came out with a loss. I can accept going from winning o a draw, but going from win to loss for the millionth time this season is gonna kill us

  5. Smitty Anthony Taylor's refereeing has got to be up there in the "All Time Worst" list - 2 bogus red cards in one match, I'd have rather had PC Plod running the match ! If Carlton hadn't gone off in the 66th, maybe he would have gotten his second ? He was putting in another serious shift, until made to knock off early.

  6. Howdy Don't Hurt 'Em, I know what you mean, but once down to ten against Everton, it was always going to be a bit of a mountain. Credit where credit's due, Osman and Piennar both played well for them. Lets hope we can turn it round against Reading and go from loss to win. We owe them a spanking - Come On You Irons !