Thursday, December 20, 2012

West Bromwich Albion v West Ham


  1. Apologies to anyone thats been hanging about for this one and no The Mayans haven't got me - I got stuck under a mountain of D.I.Y Crimbo cards !

  2. S'ok, we're all Xmas stuffed for time.

    We'll we did well to get the point, with half the team on their backs.
    Solid at the back, they should be chuffed.
    If we can do this til the boys are back I'll be happy
    Gets 2 1/2 rahs.
    Lotta yellow flyin about too ( on both sides this time), so we'll have to watch that.

    Everton next, got a shot, could go either way.

    Gooners back for a day or so, can't hurt.

    Merry Merry to all on an off the field.

  3. Merry to you to Smitty. Can't sneer at a point on the road when your in the First Division, when as you say the Sick bay is over flowing. I think three of Alf's bench at Hawthorne's have yet to play on the top shelf ! Last I heard the Boxing Day Tube strike is now off, but a few extra days won't do us any harm and maybe Theo Wlacott will fall off his wallet in the meantime. The Toffees on Green St. tomorrow, at least there without Johhny Kwango AKA Afro Fellaini, they could be taken.

  4. Oops foar anyone out there not familiar that should read Theo Walcott, Arsenal's current Top Gunner, who just re-signed, one would imagine for a fistfull of shekels !

  5. Now I can't spell "for", better take a break !

  6. Steddy boy, Steddy.
    Xmas time is tension time.
    All be over soon.
    A good session watching Nobby nod a couple in will sort you right out.

  7. Even though I I think that we desperately need a win under our belt I draw with West Brom is still great

  8. Well, putting the opposing team is a new one... Maybe give us some cosmic perspective?

    Happy Christmas West Ham!! and "Christian Wright"!! XOX CBTG

  9. Well lets hope we can pull a 3 pointer on Green Street Don't Hurt 'Em, but Everton without Fellaini will still be a serious threat, Moyes knows what he's doing. But does he know what Alf's gonna do, that is the question ?

  10. Happy Xmas CBTG, by "opposing team" are you referring to West Brom enthusiast Lenworth Henry ?