Saturday, November 1, 2014

Stoke City v. West Ham Utd


  1. Up early (for me) I know, but the minor domestic drama that made me miss the equaliser and most of the last 30 minutes also allowed me to bang this one out. What goes around comes around and that goes for me and the match !

  2. Well done Mr P, Drama Speeds Up Saitch. Headline for the day.
    Hope no lasting effects.

    Thunderbirds nearly didn't Go!! ( we do look like pratts in that kit)
    What's it gonna take for TFO to figure out that Tenner ( anyone) up top on his todd
    is not going to end well against a side well known for their sensitivity and light touch.
    Good job he's young and bounces well, and there'd be lots of OOPS if he'd have been hurt. I'd be well pissed if someone sent me into that.
    Lovely goal from him BTW, once he got some help. I like him, good as Sackem I think.
    Played like 11 guys who just met at a bus stop for 2/3 of the game but we pulled it together, just like in the movies.
    Interesting sight CC getting pissed, doesn't happen often.
    Cresswell made a boner but considering he was hung out to dry for most of the game he did alright. Does far more right than wrong, so he's a good lad.
    Honorable mention for Ginge, that's 2 solid games from him, we're due for a clanger next week :)
    Onward and upward, we're contenders. Sam Out.

  3. We were looking well shabby at times Smitty, but fair dos - the team didn't drop it's head and we clawed back a point. Tupper's inabililty, or unwillingness to change tactics while playing didn't help and Amalfitano's defensive game definitely needs some work. I'd add San Miguel to the mentioned in despatches list - he really kept us in it.

  4. I really think it's a case of new blood not infected with terminal Hoof & Sam disease and others stepping up to their truer talent as a result. We're now loud and proud, sometimes with cause, but always with hope.
    Adrian case in point, I wasn't convinced and I still have issues but I'm more confident now he is.
    Downing looked a loss punting across to AC predictably all day every day, now look at him. Not quite so much, but I think if we ever see Jarvis we could be surprised.
    10 pts to the away fans too, lotta noise there and I don't think it was Stoke. Must be absolutely amazing after all that turgid dross to be the all singing, all dancing happy band and come out knowing that we tried. There will always be the fickle ones but even in the early shambles I never lost hope and it would have been worth watching even if we lost.

    Non Hammers comments
    Saints - whoda thunk it. Coulda got odds at the start of the season.
    Burnley - Not watched any other than against us but it's gotta suck and I don't think they deserve to be where they are on that showing.

  5. God image Mr P. It was always going to be a tough game, and I'm impressed. Last season they would have let it be and lost, no problem, we won last week. I'm happy with a point. I forgot about Jarvis!
    Burnley will go down in my book, not good enough and not enough resources (that shouldn't necessarily be a reason, but it is), QPR as well then? Sunderland?Leicester? Anyway that end of the table doesn't concern us Right now!

  6. "Right now" is very much the key phrase Filthy and although it's hard to see this squad being in a battle at the bottom, we do have a ways to go - unlike Burnley who do look as if they already booked their ticket out of the First Division. As you say we didn't throw in towel and that is indeed another sign of improvement !

  7. Just noticed Villa went down to Spuds and that makes 6 losses in a row for them ! Could it be Two in Claret & Blue going down ? Sure ain't gonna be three, although I'm sure Smitty would love to know what the odds are !

  8. I know Alf's a man with talent but getting us in the bottom 3 would be pushing it, not impossible mind you.
    Just looked - Manure 1000/1, spuds 500/1 us 40/1, so someone has faith in him.
    Everyone has forgotten about Jarvis, and I doubt we'll see him even if he is with the subs. Be interesting to see if he would have a new lease on life though. Probably see Zorro before him.

  9. I think we'll see Jarvis again, yellow card pile up, injuries and the unexpected red, are not out of the question Smitty. And then if he really is surplus to requirements, wont they want to put him in the shop window before the horse trading and wardrobe dealing starts back up ?

  10. Jarvis is an interesting case, no real place in the starters and who would he replace as a sub, without the need for an outnout winger? Could he play central a la SD?
    Worth the risk to put him in the shop window?
    Choices choices what to do what to do!!

  11. I'm thinking that if he wants regular football he's going to have to go elsewhere and that will mean that The Brady Bunch will have to take a loss, which is fair enough considering how well they did this past summer.

  12. Maybe they could sell as a combo
    J to AC to Nobby, almost goals anytime you want them, 3 in one offensive starter pack.
    Nah, wouldn't be fair. I like Jarvis.

  13. I was getting reports off the radio while out shopping with the Missus and got the impression I had come back to reality after a 7 game dream. Funnily enough bumped into another Hammer wearing the Thunderbirds shirt in the carpet shop. Still don't like it or the carpet shop, cost me a load. Great that we didn't just collapse like we would have last season. Watched the Villa game on TV they were s##t. On current form we should build up the goal difference but could be another banana skin.
    Think they will clear out a few in January we need another central defender, two if Winston goes, can,t just relly on Collins, Thomkins and Reid so Jarvis would free up a reasonable amount to spend. They say that the Gooners are after Reid maybe they will use him to get Jenkinson permanently, that wouldn't be a bad bit of business.

  14. Love that George "the Thunderbirds shirt" !!! I also don't love the shirt either, maybe because it's missing the I.R. hat ! Stoke was a reality check, but in view of the comeback - acceptable. If Reid's got to go and we can lock in Jenkinson I agree.

  15. For some reason, based on nothing but twinges of lumbago I don't have, I think Winston will stay.
    We have a fair few other casualties that can go, I'd like to see Jarvis get a shot before we bin him at a loss. Who knows, if he hadn't been injured at the start of the renaissance we could have another winner. Without a flu epidemic I'm not sure when we'd see him but I'd like to.

  16. first half of stoke game ...2-0 down...west ham playing with the mind set (after reading all the rave revues in the papers prior to the game and plating each others 'aris' reading them )that they only had to turn win.(my opinion)....
    Mr Allarbuckle donned his pig head for the first half up front..and we were useless
    second half ..turned it on..thought we were gonna win it...loving the team that played the second 45 mins...

    THINK We'll be lucky to keep Reid...shame but if he wants to move on so he can play Champions league football...good luck to him...just like scott parker did.

    Carroll played in a behind closed doors friendly v southend today...he'll be back soon...aint missing him ..

    Shame about David James having to sell all his football memories...and as you said after meeting him in the summer A.P ...A NICE BLOKE

  17. I hope David James doesn't have to sell the Gordon Banks Esso 1970 Mexico World Cup coin I gave him at Danny Baker's studio ! He wont get far on the proceeds if he does !

  18. Was riding the subway when I see AC on the new Alexander Wang ad!

  19. Is this AC finally realizing how crap at football he is and is trying a new profession?

  20. Or could it be that Alexander Wang doesn't know anything about football ? As Slippery said he'll be available soon and under the gun right away !

  21. Sorry Filthy, not a chance.
    Look at the bright side, we could still be 10th at Xmas with a bit o luck.

  22. How about a modelling injury ? No not evo-sticked his foot to the table Smitty !

  23. If anyone can do it, he's the boy.
    Personally I think it would be brilliant, a real sideslapper and we could get our money back.


    LAter todays front page of the sun newspaper

    is he sure

  25. Don't think I've ever been more pleased to see a yellow football Slippery !