Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Everton vs. West Ham


  1. I'm sure Tomka will get some stick for his poor play acting. Apart from that, not many other reasons to hold your head in your hands. I thought Nolan was slow of thought and body, but what's new. Good goal and it was a hard fought game. There's a balance to the team, even when there are changes.

  2. Must agree Filthy, embarrassing stuff from Tomka, although I do think that Barkley should have been made to play the rest of the match in snorkel and flippers after that dive !

  3. Curse o'the Fat One more like it.
    I'd like to have known if AC & Nobby would have been in the minute they were fit regardless, but he had the injuries excuse so we'll never know.
    So much for your toofer shop window exposure Mr P, wouldn't give you 15 quid for the pair.
    I thought Zarate was injured but as he wasn't lets have a bit of speed in there, even Jarvis would have helped. Nice to see Zarate getting his goal. Jarvis too late to do any good.
    Amalfatino, got a good kicking and held up well, class act.
    Tomka, less said the better but pretty pathetic. Did well otherwise though.
    Shame Winston got carded and suspended, could have been anyone in those Hoo Has.
    Barklay- unpeakable.
    Abysmal officiating.

    All in all we did ok under the circumstances, could maybe have held out for the point but was a fair & square goal for the win, so.......

  4. I thought they were crisper than us in the final third, although perhaps we could have done a little better on the marking of Lukaku and Osmann. Still we look like a proper team, with everyone in there for the dust up that never was. It's the best squad in a very long time Smitty and you've pointed out the obvious weaker links.

  5. I was watching that Jim Jarmusch film "Mystery Train" a few days ago. Screamin' Jay & Joe Strummer! No particular significance, coincidence?
    After I stuck my photo up on Facebook wearing my West Ham Jersey, another Englishman I know immediately tried to convert me to The Tottenham Spurs!! No such luck, once a Hammer fan it's for life, right?

  6. Whatever you do Clueless don't even think about being a Spurs supporter - an 'orrible existence you wouldn't wish upon your enemies. And your right there's no going back - it's a lifetime sentence with no chance of parole. Just swagged Screamin' Jay Hammer for that voodoo feeling, as for Strummer he was pre Russian Mafia Chelsea. Happy Thanksgiving by the way !

  7. Yep I still think we've got a great squad, best for many a year. Even missing the injured. Aside from the assaults it was decent football, worth watching and a better fight than usual ( although we were'nt bad last year with only the one Lukaku moment of brilliance that let us down). I just think, no change here, that BFS hasn't a clue what to do and putting AC & Nobby in shows it. Too slow and one dimentional, just for a change.
    Think we'll take the Barcodes? Maybe AC will miss the old home town and the bus back, sorta accidental like

  8. I wouldn't even play AC against The Geordies Smitty, not to be trusted a la Tevez against us. And if Nobby's got to play then less is more so off the bench please. I think Alf was right to bring Zarate on (I know some feel he should've started) and his goal only highlighted AC's lack of contribution he may win the header but we rarely seem to get a second touch from it !

  9. ...and forgot to say You are right about Barkley Mr P. And don't you dare go anywhere near the Tottenham Spurs, Clueless. I wouldn't touch 'em with a bargepole!

  10. Been distracted by the Turkey Day holiday Filthy, but #1 son said that Sam said he was hoping to have Kouyate and Downing back. I'd have a poke about KUMB if it's a "Need To Know" situation and while your there you may want to earball the Nov 24th Podcast - featuring Bianca Westwood, Steve Lomas and a phone interview with Kosmo Vinyl !

  11. Yep, Zoroate should have started, no question.
    Either AC or Nobby could come off the bench if the situation calls for it , but a full game.
    If they're up against the Barcodes we could fall again

    As far as I can tell there are several maybe's from the injuries but we'll see on the day.

    Spuds- Nah, don't do it.

  12. On the subject of The Potato People, they had separate 3 pitch invaders yesterday and not be accident it appears (via KUMB):

    Members of the Youtube channel Trollstation.

    Video here ..." onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;


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    I'd toss in my 15 to help it along.

  14. I think it's been fairly common knowledge for some time that Pardew would have Carroll back on Tyneside, but what's not known is how much he would be willing to pay ? Or should I say how much his boss would let him pay ? As previously stated I wouldn't trust AC to play Saturday and have no objections to us unloading him pronto. I wonder what his fiancee' thinks about living up there ?

  15. Well, AC's up top on his own v the Barcodes, we're screwed.
    Hopefully midfield and a solid back will keep them out until BFS show's us his
    "genius" again by bringing on Zarate. After this we'd be lucky to get a tenner.