Monday, November 10, 2014

West Ham Utd v. Aston Villa


  1. Whoda thought we'd get what we wanted this time last year. Footie worth watching.
    Should we have won - Yep.
    Was it a match worth watching -Yep
    Had I have paid, would it have been worth it -Yep

    3 yeps & no goals - Priceless.

  2. Still 4th, clean sheet, played well enough to win it. A couple of goals for the faithful would've been good, but overall a 3 Yeps game can't be bad.

  3. A proper game of football even without the goals. I reckon their goalie was Man Of The Match (maybe he was ?) - he pulled off at least four or five top shelf saves. I thought for a moment that AC had him there at the death ! That's entertainment !!!

  4. What now? he's fit, ish?
    Last 20 mins gazillion $ impact sub?
    Starter replacing .........?

    If we're 3 up at half time Nobby and AC will be on for "match fitness prep""
    If we're level or losing Nobby & AC will be on as the answer.
    I betcha either way we're gonna get Nobby & bloody AC every game now
    AC's a starter by xmas
    Sam Out - Yep!

  5. 4 yeps and Sam's out? I wish Mr Smitty! I think you're right and they will get time, Nolan's history for me, but I feel AC could have a part to play, as a sub to change things up. As long as his modelling contract doesn't stipulate he needs 90 minutes in the public eye each week. What's the money on him stripping every time he gets a goal?

  6. TBH I'm not sure what Nolan does when he comes on. Does he do much?
    A crunching tackle, a wily interception, a crucial pass? Fair dos he had the disallowed goal and the missed shot but I don't think it's enough.
    That's a lot of gelt for a sub. Flog him in the fitness window and get what we can.
    I'm sure with the new team he'll do better and score a few, but to be fair I think we'd score anyway and he will get credit for " finally coming into his own". Same fable as TFO getting credit for the team.

  7. A great game and one that previously we would have lost to a late goal. I think AC will add a different side to our game when fully fit so I would like to see him stay, unless we can get our 16 million back!!
    Think it was obvious that Sahko and Vallencia were on top form and just not getting through but AC did make a real difference at the end. I think he should have been brought on earlier say 15 or20 mins and I think we could have nicked it. Anyway still 4th so can't moan.

  8. I'm completely with you on the not moaning George and I think they idea of AC as a goal scoring stripper has real potential Smitty, especially with our Anne Summers connections.

  9. Oops Filthy I'm giving Smitty credit for your the full exploitation of AC's talents. As far as off loading Nolan goes Mr S, I still fancy him as part of a twofer .

  10. That's OK Mr P we're easily confused. I'd like to see him add that to his talents if it adds a few grand to the transfer.
    I'm also with George that AC can and will make a difference in the last 15/20 but not at silly money/wk that could be better used, keeping Song for example. Also who's giving odds he won't be crocked again before May?
    The Nolan 2fer is OK with me. BTW that was a serious question before, does he actually do anything worthwhile when he's on, or is it just his inspirational qualities or summat nowadays?

  11. Re Nolan's contribution Smitty I think it's more to do with leadership and cheer leading, than it is to do with actual skills on the ball. As we all know he's a nuisance to the other team, always on the look out for something to half inch, goal, penalty, free kick - booking for them, whatever. I'm a West Ham supporter and I find him annoying can only imagine how the other teams players find him ! But at the end of the day if he doesn't knick a goal or make one his physical contribution, is in my eyes pretty light. I'd like to think we have turned, or are turning a corner and have better goods to lay out on our stall. If he moves on in the January sales and stays in the First Division you know he's going to score against us ! No Question !!!

  12. Thanks Mr P. I wondered if it was just me. I think his day is done.
    Was there when we needed him, so thanks. Not sure who'd take him though, he's under contract till '16. I'm sure we / he'd want a few quid.

  13. surplus to requirements....I don't think his brand of motivation, dressing room leadership etc would go over too well with the newer boys either. Back to Bolton? Burnley? Someone desperate.

  14. Burnley? Doubt if they could afford the silly money BFS would want, besides I like them it wouldn't be nice.
    Bolton - Perfect!
    Cardiff - the Ravel /Nobby midfield powerhouse?

  15. Despite the result, this has to be the most exciting West Ham game that I have watched in a very long time. Would always rather a great game and a draw over playing badly and winning. Predicting three points from Everton!

  16. Hello HDHE. Yep they all seem to be worth the price of admission nowadays, whoda thunk it!!
    Possible 3, I think more likely a draw, but we're not even thinking about getting toffeed like we have been.


  17. Howdy Don't Hurt 'Em, I'm down south in Georgia (see next post), so I'm a bit slow on the draw, but couldn't agree more about a quality draw over a win. For the first time since we've been back p I feel we can go to Everton and not come back empty handed. 3 points yes please, but even one would be a serious improvement. Come On You Irons !!!

  18. So looks like no Downing , no Sackem, no Zorro. If they turn the AC on we've lost,
    If not at least a draw still.
    Anyone else with 2c worth?

  19. Just back in NYC - KUMB'ers reporting Winston, Song and Valencia doubtful too. Could be the opportunity Nobby and AC have been waiting for. What's our form on Merseyside ? Something like 2 wins in 20 years ? I'd take a point right now.

  20. If its Nobby and AC with no Tenner we're screwed up top
    Hate to say it but no Winston, dodgy at the back. No Song? Is Wile E fit?
    I'd take the point of course, but I still have hope.

  21. "no Winston dodgy at the back" - you might have to get used to that in the New Year Smitty. I'm predicting he moves on, but I wish he would stay (Cue The Temptations....).
    If Nobby and AC both score it would be a huge boost to my "Twofer Hoofer" plan

  22. Nah, he'll be here till May at least. I think he'll stay though, when we sell AC and give him a few bob more.
    It certainly would, but I'd rather not chance it and have a shot at a win or a draw.
    Even against QPR I think it would be up there with loaves n fishes

  23. How about one loaf and one fish Smitty ? The "do-able" end of miraculous ?