Thursday, January 8, 2015

Everton v. West Ham (FA Cup)


  1. Yeah, well you knew he would given a tenth of a chance.
    We did alright but I really think BFS just doesn't get it.
    Subbing was as weird as usual. Nobby not great to start with, thought he was going to have a coronary by the end. Surprised he took Amalfi off, he always gives 110% and always a threat. He may not be brilliant but he's a grafter.

    Lovely goal from Ginge though, get in!! No messin about.

    At least we're not out and if we show up and if Sam doesn't shoot us in the foot we could take em at the Boleyn.

  2. Having recovered from the "shock" of the late equaliser - I was just planning a celebratory Saitch, so it's my fault - I'd say a draw was a fair result Smitty. Our possession versus their threat - they always looked more dangerous in front of our goal, than we did near theirs. As for Nobby, my feeling is that hem being on the pitch has very little if anything to do with the game being played at the time - if we ant to squeeze inside the Top Ten - he's dead weight, except as a sub in a tight spot.

  3. I agree and I don't think we're alone in our Nobby thoughts. Any chance Sam'll come around - Nope.
    I also wonder about Nobby himself. It can't be any fun staggering about out there looking like a pratt, and being a liability. Does he realise it? Is he so locked into days of yore and glory? Everyone should know when their time has come and retire gracefully.

  4. "Everyone should know when their time has come and retire gracefully" The key word there Smitty is "SHOULD" and although there are a few for the most part people "DON'T" - especially entertainers, which at the end of the day is what the professional athlete is. I don't knock Nobby for this as to me it's an international cultural epidemic of gargantuan proportions !

  5. Tis true, and both sad and embarrassing.
    It's one thing dropping a CNote to watch The Jagger puffin and blowing. You pays yer money and you knows what you get. Watching Nobby screw up and possibly lose us the match and forcing others to cover for him is another.
    Especially as he's just as overpaid sitting on his arse.

  6. From what I've heard Jagger doesn't huff and puff at all (wasn't his Dad a Gym teacher) Smitty and Keith' sin a huff because his Mrs won't let him puff - not even baccy ! As for Nobby "sitting on his arse" seems a bit harsh - slowly trotting around his wallet is how I think of it !

  7. I'm sure he has to have a bit of a lie down after though nowadays.

    That's a far better description.

  8. hHeadbanger of a Saitch A.P...

    Disagree...draw not a fair result..we Mullered em..couldnt believe how much we was all over them,
    ..Agree with Mr Smitty .about the Ginger Pele's Headed goal..'ansum'
    That poxy 'Loo Kaka'..been aving Naff uns till we play them..then gets injury time leveller that left me more deflated than the Hindenberg
    I see the Organ Grinder had the front to blame Valencia after the match for us not going into the next round because Enner put his clear cut header into their goalies arms and not the net...? is 'e sure'..his Monkey aint worth a J Arthur at the minute &
    teachers pet #2 was given the night off (well it was his birthday ..bless him) because he stubbed his foot on the floor in training & hurt it
    what a load of old bollox
    Dave Sullivan jnr got on his soapbox inna twitter stylee after the game and gave it too Nolan both Barrells slating the captain for his lack lustre useless performance (10/10 to @DaveSulley for it )hes a gooner but his passion for WHU is 2nd to none
    D.S Jnr didnt leave it there though..sicknote was next in line with D.S Tweeting that if anyone can provide a pic of the birthday boy out on the razzle that night pulling a moody could they pls send it too him
    this Tuesday night i'll be standing as usual in Chav Corner(known as) where me seat is givin it some....C.O.Y.I

  9. Ey up lads. 5 at the back, Nobby & Carroll up
    We could lose this if they score first.

  10. As our man on the spot (George Green MIA) your word from the "terraces" trumps mine in front of the box Slippery. Don't think the Roy Orbison method is the way to go with Valencia, and as for AC's birthday - caught red handed or not, Tiny's "reward offer" really says it all.

  11. Haven't seen the team sheet yet Smitty, but I'm looking for no less than 3 points today - although I'd gladly accept 4. COME ON YU IRONS !

  12. Have been keeping up with the blogs but normally too late to comment. AP bet you wouldn't mind a Christmas break!
    Have been to most home games this season and the last few made me concerned, we just don't seem to be as comfortable and as threatening up front. Also a big concern that in the last three games we have given up the lead to drop points. TheArsenal game wasn't a bad showing but we are defending too deep. Can't deny that AC is scoring goals and some good ones but don't think he should be automatic. Think it was crazy not to start with Sahko and Valencia against Chelski AC could play all day against Terry and Cahill and not score-BFS should have watched how they handled Crouch when they played Stoke.
    Agree with comments about Nolan he was poor against WBA and Everton, he should be squad player at best now.
    Don't see why BFS has let Zurate go to QPR he gives us more attacking options, couldn't believe that CC was brought on as a sub against WBA.
    Going to the replay, not too confident, but hope I am wrong.
    At least we are only 7 points from safety. COYI

  13. Nice to hear from you George, Happy New Year mate. There is much truth to what you say, i fear that our early season style and form is steadily fading, as we look more and more like our old selves. What exactly is Nobby doing on the pitch for so long ? Is it to enforce the managers instructions ? Tupper's copper ?

  14. Same to you, must be great to be in NYC for Xmas and the New Year. Must be something in his contract. Just going to watch MOTD a so will see what they say!