Monday, January 26, 2015

Bristol City v. West Ham Utd (FA Cup)


  1. Well it weren't pretty and they could of ad us, but we ( Goal Sniffer Sackem) pulled it out.
    So can't bitch.
    I can't say I'll ever love AC but he has earned a few of his multi quids lately.
    Back was solid thankfully, Winston did a good job against that lummox they got, would have been handy if Ginge were there, tailor made for him.
    Few non starters for us , but as said we did enough.

    So West Brom away next up. Coulda been worse.
    Won't be easy and I think 1-0 either way will be the way. If we can sit on Bernadino ( or whatever his name) is we'll do it. If Sacko's fit I'd like to see him and Enner up top with Malfi in the middle, maybe some AC later if we're not going anywhere, it would give em something new to think about. But then again I'd like to see Elvis touring again, probably more likely.

  2. AC is really developing into something Smitty, the ball onto Sakho's nut that earned us the win was a handsome piece of business. Credit where credit's due, he looks like he has more talent, than I've given him credit for - he's also putting in more of a shift (or ma I getting carried away). Sadly moving in the other direction is Alex Song. I hope whatever it is that's putting him off form will soon pass - has he always been this inconsistent (Barca ? Arsenal ?) ?

  3. I didn't know JC was a Robin. Doesn't he look young there!
    You're right about alex Song, but he can turn a game with one pass, hard to leave him out really. West Brom? nothing to fear there, take them seriously and the fever will mount!

  4. I agree AC's doing better Mr P, but we're a long way from getting our money's worth.
    AS with others only time will tell, but we are getting a bit predictable considering we now have other options that we don't seem to use.
    Maybe Nobby puts him off :) or he doesn't take well to BFS's charm. I do agree though it's hard to leave him out.

  5. Wish I'd known when JC and me shared a newsagents in Holland Park Filthy. What a FA Cup weekend - Chel$ki, Citeh, Saints, Swansea all out and Scousers and that other club from Manchester to replay - Good Luck Boro and Cambridge ! We're in the last 16 and Boro away looks well "do-able" - temperature's rising !

  6. What "money's worth" Smitty, is hard enough to figure out in the "real world' (no longer even sure a real world still exists) what it's worth in football is well beyond me. Didn't Citeh just pay 27 Mill for Bony ?
    Back to the FA Cup - playing away may not be such a bad thing, our home crowd does have a tendency to get "nervous" - our "away' mob on the other hand always sound "up for it"

  7. Good point, but 27M to Citeh is barely lunch money, they've got 3 x that warming the bench. 15 is a lot for us. But at least he's doing something now.
    I don't thing being away is a really bad thing either.

  8. nice saitch A.P
    John Cleese is Bristol city...he says he used to support West Ham for a while ..but too many Czechs and Slovenians starting pulling the shirt went back to supporting Bristol as a geographical sense of identity..(part time supporter if u ask me)

    Alexandre Dimitri Song Billong..not singing too good at the mo ..or the last few games hes played for us...maybe something to do with not included in Cameroon team for African cup of nations and retiring from National football...who knows

    We were dodgepot first half..they could've been 3 up by the half time whistle..(the vultures that gathered to watch this i.e. BBC M.O.T.D pundits and the rest of the country watching on the telly..were loving it..but with Sakho's inclusion by the full time whistle they flew away hungry..
    West Brom away next round..could've been better...but definately could've been a lot worse..C.O.Y.F.I up for it

    Stuart Roy Clarke took some great pics ...worth a look (if you have'nt seen already)

  9. Re JC Slippery, I wonder if we were no more than a "second team", something I've never completely understood. I can see it if you move and you want to attend a match, or if the wallet dictates a downgrade. I have a family member (in-law/married in) who's a Gooner who took his kids to Orient because he couldn't afford late period Highbury early Emirates. Now they've grown, he's back to be Armchair Arsenal/ Saloon Bar Supporter.
    Will take a gander at the SRC, how's your chair ?

  10. Just had a peek Slippery, some excellent stuff on, I shall drop Stuart Roy Clarke a line in appreciation.

  11. Not that I'm expecting him for the trip to Anfield, but Senegal are out of ACON (manager sacked/jacked) and so Wile should e on his way back to Green Street. I wish for them they'd done better, but I'll be happy if he gets back in good nick. I've heard nothing to say he aint !

  12. Also just read that Ravel's signed on the dotted line for Lazio - let's hope he makes a go of it - running out of options that lad, time to fix up and act sharp!

  13. I'm still not sure if I wish him well or not.
    Got the talent -no question, but to throw it away just by being a dick? It's a crime.

  14. He's not beyond redemption Smitty, an unlike candidate maybe - but where there's talent there's always a chance it can be realised - as an athlete he needs to knuckle down the clock may be ticking faster than he thinks.

  15. Wish him well and just be grateful he ain't your sprog. Or about to get wed to your one and only, sweet daughter. if he's too hot to handle for manure, west ham, cardiff city and the rest of the western world, he probably is.
    Liverpool's a Biggun! Attack, attack, attack,. I can see it....Liverpool 1- West ham 2. Loverly!

  16. There's murmurs that they might have Sturridge back, we might need Ginge to welcome him back to work ?

  17. Good plan, also force him out wide. Keep him there and he'll get the hump. Nolan could come into his own..get close to sturridge and give him an earfull, preferrably from the touchline!
    I'm sticking with a 2-1 victory! COYI

  18. I wouldn't put a lot of faith in a win, but if we can get in their face early I think we could take a point. I like your idea of a Nobby playing very wide static miidfield Fithy, has potential. I think a lot rests on which Song shows up.


    So, if true, would you take the 21?
    I'd be tempted but I probably wouldn't I think he'd be worth more to us, especially when BFS is gone.
    But in his mind I'm sure BFS has bought him a ticket.

  20. Not sure at that kind of dosh, Alf would get the final say Smitty. If it really is a 21 Mill offer for Enner, I'd be surprised if the Brady Bunch said no. Of course if they do sell him, either AC or Sakho will be immediately stretchered off for the rest of the season !

  21. Considering he probably didn't sign him, nor had any say it it if reports are true, he probably won't have any say on him going but that doesn't mean he won't stick his oar in.
    You're right it is very tempting. I'm curious why Chel$ki would want him, they're not short of guns up front.
    You're probably right about AC or Sakko though. If it's Sakho we'd be back to that tried & tested AC Nobby :DD

  22. Can't see that Chel$ki need Valencia either Smitty, so it may all be a "wind-up". BBC's saying Darren Fletcher is having a medical with us - so I guess the idea is some age appropriate company for Nobby - I know he'd be on a "free" but what's the wages ? Speaking of Nobby - I agree with Filthy if Sturridge plays on Saturday, best have Cap'n Kev try to talk him off the pitch !

  23. FIFA looking to get Hammers expelled from FA cup for fielding Sakho against Bristol. The rule looks pretty clear, who sanctioned him playing?

  24. Sakhogate Filthy ! Number One son reckons worst case scenario is a fine from FIFA and if it wasn't West Ham, I might agree, but it does look a bit dodgy to me too ?

  25. FIFA are a bunch of scum and it is rich for them to preach on correct practice. However, I think rules were broken and they can force the game in question to be called a loss, which would mean a dump from the cup. Pound signs in the eyes of the Gollivan lawyers!

  26. The more I think about this, the less I like our footing Filthy. Blatter is surely going to see this as an Senegal v. England scenario, which makes us guilty before kick off. Maybe the FA will offer us some sort of protection - that is, if there is reason for it ?
    As you know well, when it comes to "cock ups" we've got plenty of "previous".

  27. 70,000 fine! Result! But someone screwed up.....

  28. It's actually 71 Grand (quid) Filthy, which today is just over 108,000 Yankee. Still I agree on both fronts we dodged a bullet and someone dropped one. If the guilty party comes to light I will pass comment, although I can see the "calculated risk" defence on the horizon.

  29. Yeah I think we dodged one, sorta.
    The Bristles could be eyeing a few bob for it. Lots of sweaty palm rubbing there probably.That could go on for a bit.
    We do seem to have a knack for knackering ourselves.
    Are we going to have a counter moan because the Senagalese physio made it worse and started it all?
    I read that somewhere.

    As far as I can tell he's now kosher for everything, is that right?
    So we will see him at Manure and WBA?

  30. Yup, He's available now. Seems to be some doubt emerging as to if rules were even broken. He was injured so didn't go to Africa, missed a few games then was fit, so played but by that time wasn't selected... Not sure...

  31. Hammers told Senegal Sakho not fit and cant play
    Senegal don't select him
    Then he gets fit and we dont tell Senegal and play him
    Senegal at that point are still in ACON and are pissed off.
    I wonder if we didn't tell them, for fear Senegal would say send him over

  32. Ah well then, filthy I guess onward and upward and the trail of lost loot behind us.
    Does anyone know what the rules actually are, as opposed to the Blattered ones.
    Mr P
    (A) "we" being Sam. Probably, could be a ruse to get everyone thoroughly confused and agrovated, thereby make them play like crap while he continues the ACNobby assault. Mid Table finish, job done. Big pat on own back for rescuing us from the melee. Hopefully all will become clear and he's out and can parlay this into another big contract and go and save some other poor buggers. QPR springs to mind.
    (B) Hell, yeah. We would I'm sure. Greasy palms slippin & slidin as we speak I expect.