Thursday, January 22, 2015

West Ham Utd v. Hull City


  1. 1st Half ! WTF was that ? Looked like a Saints re-run. Less said the better.
    2nd another show entirely, and totally unexpected. Although to be fair the 2 injuries hit them where it hurt, and had it been us we'd all have been railing against the fickle finger.
    For all his non performance in the first Song did his bit in the 2nd and can he pass when he's in the mood?
    Happy for Enner to get one good shot in, deserved to go in. He's a grafter.
    Anyone got a sensible reason why Malfi doesn't start, he's fit, he's feisty and he's the dog's danglers more often than not.
    Once they figured out who was doing what , solid show from the boys at the back.
    What's the story on Ginge & Tonka ? Are they injured for Bristol? Had a look around and can't see owt.

    Not totally related but any thoughts on Reid- Spuds? There or t'Gooners, some choice if he goes. Unlikely as it seems I still think somehow he'll stay.
    Farewell to Vaz, good move for him, he's going nowhere here. Good luck to him.

  2. I'll start with Morgan as a non starter Smitty, who is going to start over - obviously not Nobby ?
    As for Winston, I think The Spuds story might be a wind up - it winds us up and perhaps even The Gooners. In view of our move to The Olympic and them planning a renno at WHL and therefore needing a ground share - I don't see Spuds as a guaranteed step up from us.

  3. Yeah, God forbid :) Been a while so it's about time we had a Sam Out!!

    It's all a giggle as far as I can see, he knows and they know, it just makes for bigger headlines when we know.

  4. 'Paper Tigers' thats about the strength of it concerning Hull good saitch A.P

    THhey came out roaring...straight out of the cage going for our jugular..managed to dodge em
    2nd half cage door opened..Wallop..Wallop..Wallop ..they'd shot their bolt ..and whimpered away licking their wounds ..lovely

    I nsee Man Utds Fletcher possibly being taken on loan till the rest of the season...90% sure Reid will go..think he'll be a mercenary and take highest pay packet..but stay in london as he's having a property in a new development going up at the mo near canary wharf

    good luck as well to Steve Potts appointment as u-21 team manager..stepping up from the u-18s C.O.Y.I

  5. I see you've got a new smudge Slippery - looks great. I'm bot up on Fletcher's recent form/amount of playing, but depending what kind of nick he's in - he could be a nice addition and another "proper" footballer. I've resigned myself to Winston going, but would still like him to stay - I'll get over it as long as it aint Spuds. And as you say Well Done Steve Potts.

  6. Tacked on the end of the Fletcher article

    "Meanwhile, there were also reports today that West Ham’s former Manchester United midfielder Ravel Morrison has agreed a pre-contract with Lazio and will move to Italy at the end of the season."

    That's the end of that then, for now!

  7. Must be tough to be a Hull fan right now. All looked so good in September...but what a crappy, out of touch owner. I reckon he's to blame for their paper qualities. Still, hit 'em whilst their down, 3 lovely points and confidence high going into BFS' chosen target competition. If it don't go according to plan, I'm sure he'll declare he was targetting a Europa place all along.

  8. I reckon nearly half The Premiership walk a tight rope Filthy and that usually includes us ! Obvioulsy we're all hoping that we are entering a new Era as well as a new Area, but as we all know, t could all go pear shaped in no time. Still i'm not going to ponder that - but consider the Battle of Bristol that awaits - "To the sword and no quarter" says I !!!

  9. Chelsea, Man City, Southampton, Tottenham, and Swansea all out of the cup im starting to fancy our chances for a solid cup run!

  10. Going to Bristol with a serious advantage now Don't Hurt 'Em, going to be some seriously "opportunity" in the next round. Those of us that go that far back had better brush up on our Hughie Green impersonation !

  11. Agree a serious opportunity and if the draw for the fith round is kind, who knows what might be possible. Going back to Hull, first half shit, route one. Second good but used the wings more. There must be a lesson there somewhere.
    Let's hope we can avoid another upset today, will be watching live on The Beeb. COYI!!

  12. Agreed George "A Tale of Two Halves". There was a time when if Noble didn't play well the team didn't play well, so a win with him off his game is for me genuine progress. There's no denying this squads potential, lets use it to full effect at Bristol - "This Train's Bound For Wembley" COME ON YOU IRONS !